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April 8, 2017

5 Indian Fusion Cuisines You Must Try

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Indian fusion: Sikkim-cuisine

Fusion food is the combination of different types of cookery. Indian has a history of being colonized by different countries. There were the French, British, Persian and many others. When the settlers came in, they not just colonized the native, but also tried inducing their own culture here. As a result, we see many fields where Indian culture has blended with other cultures. Thus, India is a melting pot of cultures and lives, and there is no reason why food should be left behind. Here is a list of interesting five Indian fusion cuisines:

#1 Tamil-French Fusion Creole Cuisine

Native to Pondicherry, Creole food is a lot more Indian than French. Its entirely unique flavours, gives you an essence of French, Portugese and Dutch cultures mixed with Indian ingredients. It uses Indian spices and local ingredients like coconut, turmeric, eggs, freshly caught fish and vegetables such as brinjals and broad beans. It was supposedly spicy in the earlier days. However, little modifications has made the food fusion more Indian, specially more Tamilian with the coconut aroma.

Indian fusion: Tamil-French Fusion Creole Cuisine


#2 Chinese-Indian Tangra Cuisine

The Indian and Chinese food combination is a lot about the sauces like Manchurian and Chilli. When the Chinese immigrants came into India about two centuries ago, they hybridized the Indian flavours with their food. Like they added the Indian spices into spaghetti. They settled in Kolkata, today the area they inhabit in known as China Town. Since, this expedition of food started in the Tangra area, this fusion cuisine got its name from this very place. The interesting factor that makes this Indian fusion cuisine so exotic is the primary focus on soya sauce, vinegar and cornflour in gravies while cooking. These ingredients give the food fuision a very distinct taste, appearance and texture. Since Indians also have a sweet tooth, the dessert usually involves a sweet soup, sliced oranges and watermelons, and also kulfi ice-cream.

Indian fusion: Chinese-Indian Tangra Cuisine


#3 Irani Parsi Cuisine

The Parsi community settled in the coasts of Gujarat after migrating from Persia. They are highly fond of eating meats, dry fruits and nuts which happen to be Iranian traits. This Irani Parsi cuisine was brought to India by these Iranian-Persian immigrants, the food is simple and has Parsi influences along with Iranian flavours. Foods are usually topped with nuts and dry fruit. In fact, soon after they settled, they even introduced fish into their cuisine. This food fusion has even flown to the Maharashtra coasts, like in Mumbai. It is also very popular in the state of Goa.

Indian fusion: Irani Parsi Cuisine


#4 Nepali- Sikkimese- Tibetan Cuisine

Sikkim lies in the Northeast region of India. It shares its border with Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. Because of this very reason, there has been fusion of food in-between these regions. A lot of settlers in Sikkim are from Tibet and Nepal. Sikkim, Nepal and Tibet have an amalgamated past, and thus their cultures including food habits of people have fused together. There is heavy consumption of meat and maida, along with fresh vegetables, cheese, butter and red hot chillies. One of the most popular food item of this food fusion is momos. This Indian fusion cuisine does not use much of spices, flavour and salt. Most of the dishes are usually accompanied by chilli sauce. This fusion cuisine also has soup, noodles, tea and yak milk. The food is made hot to keep the body warm as the region where this cuisine is prominent lies in the Himalayan valleys.

Indian fusion: Nepali- Sikkimese- Tibetan Cuisine


#5 Konkani- Portugese Cuisine in Goa 

The Portuguese influence on Goan cuisine that amalgamates with Konkani cuisine makes for in an interesting delicacy. The main ingredient is pork with its many varieties, and red chillies and jaggery for making desserts directly imported from Portugal. The main ingredients in this food fusion are seafood, rice, vegetables, meat, pork, coconut and local spices. The flavours and spices are the attraction of this Indian fusion cuisine. One of its main dishes is the preparation of fish.

Indian fusion: Konkani- Portugese Cuisine in Goa


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