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February 13, 2018

9 Indian Fashion Designers On the Rise

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Indian Fashion Designers

When you think of Indian fashion designers, there are a few names which stick to your mind. Manish Malhotra or Sabyasachi Mukherjee are high end Indian fashion designers are well-known in Indian fashion circuit. This is when you need to remember the up and rising new Indian fashion designers who are trying their level best to make a name in the world. The new and emerging Indian fashion designers choose to cater to the huge pool that is the upper middle class. Some of their designs are revolutionary and modern in the true sense of the term. To own designer clothes at affordable rates, you need to have knowledge about the best designers you can depend on. To know a few of these rising jewels, take a look at the list below.

#9 Kresha Bajaj

She is known as the designer who created a magical bridal outfit for herself, as it had her own love story etched on it. She deserves the popularity she gained because girls who have been confused about their own bridal outfits have a clearer mind now. She is a very talented Indian fashion designer and makes clothes which show her abundant creativity. Her label “Koecsh” is gaining popularity just like her. She says, “Koecsh enables people to wear what they want and not want others think they should”.

#8 Masaba Gupta

Fashion designing did not come naturally to her and she had to work very hard to deserve the title of “The Most Promising Designer”. In the Lakme Fashion Week, India, she was the youngest designer to have won this award. Her new line, Masaba Lite, is primarily for all those people who have to adhere to a budget. Her designs are radical, she thinks outside the box. When you think of “modern”, her name should be the first name that strikes your mind. She has played around with the most traditional outfit of Indians, the saree, and has come up with pocket sarees, denim sarees and even Tamil printed sarees.

Indian Fashion Designers - Masaba Gupta

#7 Ritu Beri

She is among the famous and top fashion designers in India. Her major turning point came when she presented a Couture show in Paris. This marked her name on an international level. She even created “Ritu Beri Fashion Fraternity” for the young aspiring designers awaiting to launch their brands. Her clientele, though it includes some very big names, caters to the upper middle class too. Among her international clients, to name a few, she has designed for Bill Clinton and Nicole Kidman. Her Indian clients include actresses like Madhuri Dixit, Susmita Sen, Dia Mirza and so on. She launched her label “Lavanya” quite early in 1990, and it has been a huge success.

Indian Fashion Designers - Ritu Beri

#6 Urvashi Kaur

She is the Indian fashion designer who thinks globally, but acts locally. Her clothes give you a serene and peaceful Bohemian feel. She caters to the modern Indian woman with her extremely trendy and thought through clothes line. She is the “next-gen” designer and is quite affordable too. She makes clothes for every woman and not just the upper class, rich women. She is one of the leading women fashion designers. Not only does she provide you the trendy clothes line but a whole new line of accessories too.

Indian Fashion Designers - Urvashi Kaur

#5 Gaurang Shah

He has given new meaning to khadi, putting it back to its original glory. He has inspired many young aspiring designers to inculcate khadi, cotton and linen in their designs. He used work in his father’s saree shop in Hyderabad, which developed his interest in traditional ethnic wear. Now he has people working for him in over four states. His new collection “Kalpavriksha” has bagged him the award for the best designer. He is known to work with difficult fabrics like silk, kanjeevaram, organza and so on. The “Kalpavriksha” displays a combination of handwoven designs from the Jamdani designers in Bangladesh and Andhra Pradesh.

Indian Fashion Designers - Gaurang Shah

#4 Asmita Marwa

You can call her the ‘Kalamkari Queen’, because her collection of kalamkari designs found her a spot in the Vogue’s list of top 9 International Fashion Designers. Her clothes give you an aesthetic feeling. She combines the traditional with the global in a smooth and coherent manner. Marwa said, “Sustainability is an ideology, a state of mind and a concept close to my heart – as a designer and as a creative person”. She does not believe in launching seasonal clothing. She works with the already existing line of clothes and re-invents them to increase sustainability. She has a “Zero Wastage” collection which she is going to exhibit in the Global Sustainable Fashion Week which will be held in Budapest, Hungary.

Indian Fashion Designers - Asmita Marwa

#3 Anupamaa Dayal

She is a designer who celebrates her Indianness in her designs. She uses jewel-tone of fabrics which give her clothes a very royal and bright touch. In 2004, she launched her label “Anupamaa” and her stores are scattered in New Delhi. She has made a mark internationally as well. Vogue UK has called her “London’s new best friend”. She has revived the ancient hand prints for her designs which give her clothes a truly Bohemian feel. You see a modern take of the classical ideologies in her designs. She has recently opened up her jewelry and home line in her “Anupamaa Haveli”.

Indian Fashion Designers - Anupamaa Dayal

#2 Bhumika Sharma

Her’s is a name that is on the rise. She gives you the best designer clothes at the most affordable price. She is designer for the common people. She focuses mainly on floral prints and silhouettes that are extremely comfortable. She is primarily a Delhi-based Indian fashion designer but you can shop her clothes online as well. Websites like Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, Ogaan and Carma Online Shop keep her clothing. You look like a diva on a pocket-friendly budget. She has her retail shops throughout Delhi, and you can find her multi-designer store in Ahmedabad named “Moh”.

Indian Fashion Designers - Bhumika Sharma

#1 Pernia Qureshi

She is a freelance fashion designer who entered Bollywood with the movie “Aisha”. You can see her absolute brilliance in Sonam Kapoor’s super trendy clothes in the film. She has launched a label “Pernia Qureshi” which is a huge success. It offers affordable clothing and is highly pocket-friendly. She is a style icon and her clothes are for the modern, sophisticated woman. She is a leading Women’s Fashion Designer in India. She even launched her own e-commerce venture, “Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop“. This website offers a wide range of clothing, of not only Pernia herself, but other worthy designers too. She has launched a platform through which you can avail the lesser known but brilliant fashion designers sitting at home.

Indian Fashion Designers - Pernia Qureshi

We hope this list of Indian fashion designers has given you some ideas about how you can get designer clothes when on a budget. These designers are out there, striving to make their name in the world. They take inspiration from the already known fashion designers but come up with something absolutely unique!

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