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August 1, 2016

Indian Classical Music – Soothing And Curing

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Indian Classical Music raaga

Without an iota of doubt music plays a useful role to help us lead the best and productive life. In case you want to maintain your health in an excellent manner then you need to listen to precise types of music at definite times of the day. Have you heard about classical music relaxing you? Indian Classical Music especially Carnatic music, with its plethora of Raags, is acknowledged to be mainly healing.

What is a Raga?

Raga is the series of chosen notes that is swaras that provide suitable ‘temper’ or feeling in a selective combo. Based on the nature of a raga it has the capability of inducing or intensifying sorrow or joy, peace or violence. This is the quality of Indian classical music which is the base of its applications like the Raga Chikitsa in other words Raga treatment. It is also called the music for relaxation. As a consequence, a complete range of emotions as well as their gradations could be caught and conveyed within certain tempos and melodies. Listening, performing or even playing, suitable ragas works as a med. Several different Carnatic ragas have since been accepted to have specific impact on certain sickness.

ndian Classical Music

Historic suggestions on Raga Chikitsa

During the ancient period the Hindus depended on music for its healing function. Veda mantras were used to sing the praise of God and the intonation and harmonizing to chant these mantras have been utilized from time immemorial to cure quite a lot of disharmonies in an individual plus his surroundings. Numerous factions of ‘bhakti’ like Vallabha sampradaya, Chaitanya sampradaya have all granted precedence to music. Historical evidences too point out that Tan Sen a famous musician in Akbar’s court is attributed with the revival of one of the queens with a chosen raga.

Indian Classical Music

Classical Music Trinity

The great creators of Indian classical music known as the ‘Musical ‘Trinity’ were relatively responsive to the acoustical energies. In fact Saint Thyagaraja revived a dead person to life with Naa Jiva Dhaara his composition in Bilahari raga. Muthuswamy Dikshitar cured stomach pain with his Navagriha kriti. Shyama Sastry’s piece, Duru Sugu, applies raga music to pray for sound health.

Indian Classical Music

Some curative Ragas

Some ragas like Pooriya, Kamaj and Darbari Kanhada help in deactivate mental tension, chiefly in the case of hysteria. Ragas for instance Ahirbhairav, Pooriya as well as Todi are approved to alleviate people who suffer from hypertension, with their soothing and calming music. A few Carnatic ragas like Sahana, Punnagavarali etc have been found to be handy in order to control anger and reduce the inside violence. These are the relaxing Indian Classical Music.

The name of Ragas and the disease they can cure are as below:

  • Raga Sarang – Epilepsy, Pitta Imbalance.
  • Raga Bhairavi – Tuberculosis, Cancer, Severe Cold, Phlegm.
  • Hindol and Vasant – Problems in Vata Imbalance, Blood pressure, Gastritis, Blood impurities.
  • Raga Kalyani, Charukesi and Sankarabharanam –  Heart ailments.
  • Raga Darbari – Relieving stress
  • Raga Ahir-Bhairav and Todi – High blood pressure.
  • Raga Deepak – Acidity.
  • Bhairavi – Sinusitis.
  • Raga Bageshri, Kafi, Khamaj and Darbari – Insomnia
  • Todi and Poorvi – Headache and Anxiety.

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