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February 15, 2018

8 Incredible Castles to Rent from Around the World

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castles to rent - Castello Tancredi Tuscany Italy

The first thing that pops into our mind when we think of castles is our favorite fairy tale. We have grown up reading and listening to the princess’ stories where they stay in the beautiful castles. Most of us have also dreamed of living in a castle like a princess. While we openly told everyone about our dream when we were young; we are equally hesitant. After all we don’t want others to think that we are an idiot! But did you know, no dream is too big? Have you heard of the term, castle rental? Well, if you haven’t then I have some big news to share with you. There are many castles around the world that are available for rent via airbnb. So, lets look at 8 incredible castles to rent we found on airbnb.

#8 Martello Tower, Dalkey, Ireland

Do you wish to wake up in the breathtaking view of the pretty gardens? This castle is your dream castle in that case. It is a 19th-century tower and is in the main area of Dalkey. The palace has walls of stones with the gorgeous view of the exotic Dublin Bay. The palace is lavish with all the amenities that you had always wished for. The king size bedrooms are amazing and you would not want to wake from the cuddly bed. It is in an isolated place yet it is near to the main city. You would suddenly remember the Rapunzel and Cinderella story visuals after entering this castle.

You can rent this on Airbnb for Rs 17,933 per night.

catles to rent - Martello Tower Dalkey Ireland


#7 Somerleyton Hall, Suffolk, England

One of the most picturesque castles to rent is this one. You know it has to be pleasing if it is in England. While staying at this property, you will feel that you are staying at the royal stately villa. The property is spread in an area of 5000 acres. Beautiful would be an understatement for this rental castle. It has a huge garden area and is surrounded by the woodlands. You could rent this place with a big group and enjoy log fires or even long walks in the Fritton Lake. This place is everything you have ever dreamt of. Since this is so huge and is recommended for groups, it is pricey.

You can rent this property on Airbnb at Rs 2,47,888 per night.

castles to rent - somerlyton hall ireland


#6 Torre Trasita, Positano, Italy

Everything seems to be even more romantic when it is associated with Italy. Yes, Italy has those vibes. This gorgeous mansion is located on the Amalfi coast. The castle is hell pretty with a circular tower with a blue-tiled terrace. You could enjoy the most breathtaking panoramic view of the sea from the top of the terrace. It is a three-room mansion perfect for the couples. There could be nothing more relaxing than sitting on the terrace with your favourite champagne facing the calm azure blue sea. To rent a castle in Europe is that simple.

You could rent this property on Airbnb at Rs 73,453 per night.

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castles to rent - Torre Trasita Positano Italy


#5 Dairsie Castle, Fife, Scotland

Scotland is a heaven in itself. And hiring a castle in Scotland is nothing more than a dream coming true. This one is a fine castle with the Dungeon, Great hall. The castle has a huge wall looking like a herb garden. It has a beautiful orchard in the outlook area and is extremely pleasing. The outdoor room can host around 60 people. The countryside backdrop of the castle is like the fairy tale backdrop which we see in the movies. For hosting the events, this place is appealing to the core. Waking up to the feels of Scotland air is just amazing.

You could rent this property on Airbnb at Rs 50,623 per night.

castles to rent - Dairsie Castle Fife Scotland


#4 Castello Tancredi, Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany has become the talk of the town since the Virushka wedding. These lovebirds have tied their knot in this beautiful city and made it the talk of the town. Castello Tancredi is an eight bedroom castle which is spread in an area of 1500 acres in the Tuscany city. It is located amidst the hills and valleys of the beautiful Tuscan city. A beautiful lake and a tennis court await you in this exotic property. One thing that requires a special mention to is that one needs to stay for at least a week over here. You will be served with delicious continental breakfast every day along with a complimentary cooking lesson. What else do you want while looking for castles to rent? Your dreams to rent a castle in Europe can actually become true.

You can book this on Airbnb at $4029 per night.

castles to rent - Castello Tancredi Tuscany Italy


#3 Kilcolgan Castle, Galway, Ireland

Ireland is a land of castles. This one is another one of the exotic castles to rent. It is very close to Connemara. The castle has an extremely spacious ground as the property has 9 acres only for the garden area. There is a beautiful green scenic field with private fishing and horseback riding to give you enough fairy tale vibes. There are barbeques on the patio as well for your late night entertainments. There is also a farmyard cottage for the extra guests if any. The rooms of this castle are way too spacious for to have the best time.

You can book this castle on Airbnb at Rs 28,547 per night.

castles to rent - Kilcolgan Castle Galway Ireland


#2 Castrum of Serravalle, Vittorio Veneto, Italy

If you like the historic castles which have ancient wall finish then this is the place for you. It is one of the most beautiful castles to rent in Air Bnb. This one is again in Italy. The castle is basically ancient medieval fortress making sure to not give you the average or mediocre feels. The rooms of these castles are attached to private balconies and terrace area. The dining area has a gorgeous view of the Dolomites. To give the tourist, complete the royal feels, the rooms are decorated with gold chandeliers. You will feel you are enjoying the moment straight from the medieval era.

You can book this castle on Airbnb at Rs 13,102 per night.

castles to rent - Castrum of Serravalle Vittorio Veneto Italy


#1 Chateau Bordeaux and Vignoble

This is undoubtedly one of the best French Chateau for rent on Air BnB. This castle has been recently renovated and is now attached to a vineyard in 16 acres of land. The French castle has a perfect zen atmosphere with a large garden which has an outdoor seating with hammock. The interiors of the castle have a contemporary design with 8-bedrooms and one entertainment room. This castle is great for the relaxing purpose. The terrace offers an amazing view of the vineyards.

This French Chateau for rent is available on Airbnb for £442 per night.

castles to rent - Chateau Bordeaux and Vignoble


These were some of the most exotic castles to rent around the world. While the price tag is certainly high but you definitely now have an option to live your fairytale moment.

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