Why I’ll never stop loving Udaipur and why you should start loving it too! background img
October 9, 2016

Why I’ll never stop loving Udaipur and why you should start loving it too!

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It has been just a few days that I have returned from this place that was a dream vacation destination for a long time. To be honest, YJHD sparked the flame and it hadn’t gone down since.

UDAIPUR though is still as fascinating and mesmerizing and intriguing to me!

To start with, I’ll tell you, if you ever get a chance to travel to Udaipur by road, you are one lucky person as the highways have the perfect scenery you can ever think of! Mountains greet you and the mini lakes make you smile helplessly!

Coming to the city, it welcomes you with a warmth like no other. The people there actually live by ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’. The aura of history and majesty combined with tradition, culture, and the new development is something that is unique to Udaipur!

The city’s beauty lies in its inheritance from the old times. The City Palace, to start with is what grandeur is defined as. Though turned into a museum largely, it still possesses that royal feel that is exuberated through the tinted glass windows, the heavy architectural carvings and the beautiful glass karigari that you’ll locate. To top it all, it lies beside a lake and lets you view Udaipur like it is.

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Moving on to the lakes, lake Pichola and lake Fatehsagar define Udaipur. These are the places that calm your senses down, make you want to just sit next to them for hours and listen to music and stare at the beauty that is indescribable.

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There are number of beautifully located café’s that provide you a view of the lakes like no other, and have amazing coffee too 😉

Jheel’s would be one such name.

And and and, if you’re fond of the trippy stuff in life there are places you’d consider heaven. Doctor’s café is one such name.


And now to those who are the genuinely interested in the cultural bit, this city offers more than you could ask for. Ghangaur Ghat, Bagore ki haveli, and Maharana Pratap Smarak are places you’ll love. Bagore ki haveli has a very sort after the cultural show that people stand in line for, for hours. The artist there will take your breath away and when you go there, don’t forget to stop by and try some itar from the person on the right just at the entry.

Ghangaur Ghat too has musicians like Naru Sa that make your heart melt and the Ravanahttha will just leave you too curious.

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And now to alert the shopaholics, the markets and streets are breath-taking, and trust me if you think you have a strong heart, you are fooling yourselves. From the skirts to the puppet, to the camel leather diaries and bags, to henna tattoos and to the jewelry, if you ask me, I can get you drooling already!

Also, don’t forget to spend on the dal baati churma and the very famous malai ghevar 😉

And just to add a hint of a little personal experience, here’s the picture of my most favorite spot in Udaipur, the rooftop of The Hostel Moustache.


I can’t say if I made you fall in love with Udaipur, but I really hope I made the feelings I have for Udaipur come across and made it come through my pictures too.

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