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July 11, 2016

How to Trick Your Mind? – Short Story

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It had been over a year now that she’d been going to her Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Ann woke up everyday and poured herself a cup from the wine bottle and began writing. She’d been sober for a year now. She was humble about it and everyone in the group looked upto her. Grace, the group leader was exceptionally proud of how far Ann had come, though she could never figure out how the girl turned over a new leaf.

It was a Thursday when the group met and they had a new member. After group was over Grace was motivating the new girl by telling her about Ann.

What! How’d you get a writer to sober up?” asked the new girl with a shock on her face.

Ann was on her way out when she heard the new girl ask Grace.

I pour myself a cup of coffee from the wine bottle everyday. The illusion of it all is enough to keep me sober.” Ann told the new girl as she walked out of the room.

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