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July 27, 2016

A House Of books or A House Of Spirits?

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One of the oldest libraries in the country proves to be the most haunted place in the history of the city of joy. National Library began its formation in the form of Calcutta Public Library, in the year 1836. It was the residence for, the then Governor General, Lord Metcalfe.

With a huge shelf space, this library also has a huge accommodation for over 550 people in the building. Apart from being an attraction due to its large campus area for the visitors, there are various stories that make this library a must visit for readers as well as researchers.

The timing for this library is 10am-8pm, but there is nobody in and around the premises after 5 in the evening. Many stories that relate to the National Library are that of the house of books changing into a house of haunting spirits often. Not even the security guards stay back for night duties in the library. Not only had the internal premises of the building, but even the outer regions neared the building have a sense of eeriness towards the evening. From the guards to the local residents and the taxi drivers, all are familiar to the activities taking place in and around the premises.

Can anyone ever imagine a sight totally cleaned the night before and papers and books scattered on the table and the floor the next morning? This is one such story that haunts the staff members and the people visiting the library in the morning hours. The resources say that a college student, who had come to the library for the completion of his project work, never came out of the library. It is believed that the soul of the boy still comes to the library to complete his incomplete project work and the reason behind the scattered papers, books is the college student and his incomplete project work.

Lady Metcalfe, wife of Lord Metcalfe, was a woman who loved cleanliness at its peak. Studies say that her spirit is still in the library to keep the books in place and create a threat in people to keep the library clean and tidy. In basic words, you are not supposed to litter around in the library premises or else the spirit of the lady will haunt you, maybe even in your dreams! During a construction taking place in the premises of the library, a few labors died, since then it is said that anything that becomes a barrier in between any construction or renovation taking place is solved within minutes and the spirits of the labors are the game changers to any of such obstacles taking place.

This 250 year old library has a secret chamber that the researchers have found out. A secret chamber, not disclosed to the common people yet. What is hidden behind the secret chamber is still a mystery. A mystery that might answer all the questions related to the haunted place or is it just a myth.

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