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March 22, 2016

Meet Bhagwati Agrawal, The Man Who Quenched The Thirst Of Rural Rajasthan

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Bhagwati Agrawal

Access to drinking water is still a huge challenge in India. While MCD trucks make life easier for urban dwellers, life in rural India is in a bad way. Women have to walk more than a kilometer to fetch water. Even worse – the water available is contaminated and not safe for drinking. Also, there is a limit to this water too and people in the villages cannot use as much water as they want. The urban dwellers are wasting water even after educating them about saving water, so much. Matters take a turn for the ugly when the area receives no rainfall. There are many states in India which are facing severe water problems. Even a district in Maharashtra faced drought conditions due to lack of rainfall. Rajasthan always has a problem of drought, dryness, and lack of water. We are talking about Mr. Bhagwati Agrawal who we consider Hooked Upon hero. Let us see how is he related and what he did to overcome the thirst issues of Rajasthan.

Having faced a similar problem in his life, Bhagwati Agrawal introduced ‘Aakash Ganga’ – a rainwater harvesting program where rainwater is stored in a reservoir. An individual’s home is connected to the reservoir to get water without leaving home. Such is the success of the project that Agrawal has already helped 10,000 people in 6 drought-struck villages in Rajasthan.

Isn’t this idea brilliant? It saved so many people from that hard work and also made water accessible to each and every house of the villages.

Watch Mr. Agrawal’s story on CNN:

Mr. Bhagwati Agrawal is CNN’s Hero of the Year 2015.

He is the ultimate hero and there is no doubt about it. But, for such serious and social issues, we all need to be heroes in our way and do individuals effort to save water in every possible way.

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