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January 31, 2017

10 Home Remedies to Treat Backache

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These days due to hectic and the fast paced lifestyle that we have, we often suffer from the most common health problem known as BACKACHE. Bad posture, intensive workouts, constant traveling, ageing or stressful life are some of the common factors that can lead to backache. It is a health issue which makes most of us restless and if not treated on time, can lead to several health problems. So here are some solutions which you can find at your very own home for treating the problem of backache.

#1 Mustard Oil

Take some mustard oil and massage your back with it. Make sure to massage your back one hour prior to going for a shower and take a hot water shower for best result. This will in turn relax your nerves and sooth them.

backache: Mustard Oil


#2 Eucalyptus Oil

In a bucket fill some lukewarm water and add few drops of Eucalyptus oil. Take a bath with this water in order to get rid of backache as well as bodyache. This will make you feel stress free.

backache: Eucalyptus Oil


#3 Camphor

Camphor aka kapoor is well known and we all see it being used during pujas at home and temple. Take 1-2 camphor tablets and mix it with coconut oil by boiling the two for 5 minutes. Let it cool down for a bit and then store it in a bottle. Massage your back with it twice a week before going to bed.

backache: Camphor Tablets


#4 Hot Water Bag

Hot water bag is one of the most easiest solution available at our homes. So while watching television or doing some work, make sure to put a hot water bag or bottle on your back supported by cushion. This will ease your nerves and you will feel relaxed.

backache: Hot Water Bag


#5 Tube Socks

Take an old sock of yours and fill it with rice. Knot the open side and put it in microwave for 3-5 minutes. Place the sock on your back and rest for a while. You will feel immediate relief.

backache: rice sock


#6 Yoga

Many happen to ignore yoga, but yoga regularly will really help as a relief from backache. Endorphins are very important to be regulated all across your body. Any disruption in its flow can cause pain. So, yoga will help you relax your muscles and avoid pain.

backache: yoga

#7 Garlic

Having two cloves of garlic every morning or massaging your back with garlic oil is one of easiest home remedies for back pain.

backache: garlic

#8 Wheat

Soak wheat in water overnight. Then in the morning mix it with cuscus grass powder and corainder. Mix this with milk and boil it. Drink a glass of it and it will provide you relief from backache.

backache: wheat


#9 Poppy seeds

Grind poppy seeds and rock candy. Have two spoons of this mixture followed by a glass of milk. This is one of the easiest backache remedies.

backache: poppy seeds

#10 Basil leaves

Having basil leaves boiled in the form of tea is one of the best natural remedies for back pain. Every morning, boil 8-10 basil leaves in water with a pinch of salt, and drink it. This shall do wonders.

backache: basil leaves

Backache can cause insomnia and in the reverse way lack of sleep can also cause back pain. So try these remedies for your relief and you can redeem to your regular schedule. Also try sitting and standing in the correct posture to avoid further pain.

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