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March 31, 2017

Hidden Markets and Treasures- The Joy Of Street Shopping

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Undoubtedly, it is fun to walk in to Zara or Forever21 and pick up a gorgeous dress, try it and realize that it fits like a dream. But then reality hits you and you decide to carefully peek-a-boo at the price tag once and voila! The price is everything you had not imagined and there you are standing wondering you what all you might have to give up to attain that beauty.

For many people living in cities, the brand obsession has caught hold of them pretty strong, but for some of us beauty matters more than the price. That’s when street shopping makes us smile. Colaba and Sarojini, places like these make out hearts beat faster as we see the layers and lines of gorgeous clothes and accessories. Here is a list of some of the best street markets of India and what all you can expect to find there

#1 Sarojini Nagar, Delhi
Situated in Delhi, Sarojini is easily my favourite place for street shopping. With gorgeous dresses and trendy t-shirts, there is nothing that Sarojini does not offer you. You will find all the fashion trends that are being sold out in popular stores in this maze of an area. From denims to footwear, Sarojini is a heaven for every Delhi college student who enjoys an occasional bargain. With prices beginning from mere Rs.100 you can be sure to be carrying bags of clothes when you walk out.

#2 Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
If you are a hoarder for accessories, be sure to hit this spot in Colaba which is extremely popular for junk jewellery, shoes, bags, purses, chains and gorgeous Kolhapuri Chappals. I bet even if you aren’t a hoarder for accessories, the prices and beautiful buys that you will find in Colaba, will convince you enough to shop your day through. And of course, don’t forget to bargain!

#3 New Market, Kolkata
One of the oldest markets in the country, New Market is lines by stalls selling ethnic jewellery. As you continue to explore you will find shops and shops selling everything from clothes to footwear. While here do not forget to buy the famous Kolkata Cotton Saree which will be available at a bargain at this place.

#4 Law Garden, Ahmedabad
You see women wearing gorgeous Chaniya-Cholis during Dandiya in movies and in reality. This is a place where you will find a long line of roadside stores selling most of those beautiful sets of Chaniya-Cholis and blouses. Be sure to spot every bit of culture that Gujarat has to offer in this celebration of colours. Ethnic jewellery and fascinating footwear will also be a part of your shopping bonanza as you go ahead and explore this street.

#5 Fashion Street, Cantonment Pune
With over 400 stalls for one to choose from, Fashion Street offers you a wide range of selection of shoes, clothes and accessories. It is considered to be one of the poshest markets of Pune with enough shops that can satisfy every need of a shopaholic or a fashionista. So, be sure to visit this street, when in Pune, to grab some beautiful pieces of clothing.

Street shopping has its own kind of pleasure. For some, it might be too tacky but believe me when I say that the sense of victory one gets after a successful purchase after bargaining is unparalleled. Do give yourself a chance to street-shop once and thank us later for the wonderful experience that you’ll have.

Featured Image Source: http://freepost4u.blogspot.in

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