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July 21, 2016

Here’s Your Guide To Select The Perfect Watch For Yourself

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These days one simply doesn’t use a watch just to see the time. Watches have now become a style statement. So much is the craze that there are numerable types of wrist watches available in the market. These days there are not just watches for men and women, there are even unisex watches which can be worn by both the genders. But one question that plagues many people is-“What is the right kind of watch for my wrist?”. This question becomes even more pertinent while buying watches online where you cannot really try the product before buying. Here are some simple tips which can help you to buy the perfect watch for your wrist:

#1 Understand Your Requirement

This is the most important tips that you would need before deciding upon a watch. While this might sound strange, there are different types of watches for different situations. If you are a sportsperson, you might need a sports watch, while if you are to attend a meeting, a formal looking watch would be the best option. For women the options are huge. For a party you can go for really fancy looking watches, may be even bracelet styled watches. But for a more formal or casual event, a simple watch will do.

 #2 Personal Taste

This can vary from person to person. Always choose a style that you like and are sure will suit you. If you love being classy and elegant, go for a sleek looking watch with a round or oval dial and a sleek metal or leather band. For a punk and rocking look, a wide leather band and a big dialed watch would be perfect.

 #3 Watch Case Diameter

The size of your wrist plays a very important role in deciding upon the right kind of watch that will suit you. If your wrist size is 6-7 inches, you have small wrist size. Therefore 38mm to 42mm watches can be perfectly proportional to your wrist. Accordingly if you have a larger wrist diameter, larger sized watches will suit you. People with small stature will look great with watches of small diameter.

 #4 Watch Bands

Again band size can play an important role in your choice of watches. Small wrists look great with thin bands. Similarly larger wrists look more proportionate with wider bands. Even the material can play a very important role. Leather watches can give you a slimmer look. Where as a metal band of same thickness can appear larger than the actual size.

#5 Comfort

You can’t really miss this part. Comfort is the main thing in the end. Select a watch that you can comfortably carry out. Always remember that comfort comes before style. Select a watch that fits you perfectly. A comfortable watch with a unique style will be the perfect watch for you.

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