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February 2, 2018

9 Healthy Seeds To Eat

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Healthy Seeds - Hemp Seeds

Seeds are discarded like ‘fly in an ointment’ when fruits and vegetables are eaten. These small kernels are considered useless part of the veggies or fruits in general sense. However, seeds are so rich in nutrients that they are even advised by physicians to consume for keeping our body healthy. These small particles have a plethora of benefits related to health. They are small in size but these minute things provide innumerable and mighty benefits to the body. They are so serviceable that body consuming them results in the best way a body can function. Most of the seeds are a rich source of zinc, protein and other contents which are necessary for our body for proper functioning. Here are articles which after reader will definitely make you guilty of throwing seeds in your past. Read on!

#1 Chia Seeds

These seeds are from the mint clan, very small but very potent. They are full of fiber, protein, many antioxidants, calcium and much more. They stabilize the blood sugar and are used to keep the heart healthy. Also, these healthy seeds are a rich source of fats of high quality as they are hugely made up of 34% of pure omega-3 oils. Add a tablespoon of these healthy seeds to your everyday smoothie or protein shake.

Healthy Seeds - Chia Seeds

#2 Pumpkin Seeds

There have been scientific studies which have provided evidence that pumpkin seeds have an amazing quality that results in stopping the development of cancerous behavior in male prostate cells. These seeds have a high content of carotenoids, which are a form of antioxidants and provides healthy development of immunity systems inside a body. The skeletal health also gets a boost as these seeds are rich in content of omega-3 fatty acids and zinc. Also, pumpkin seeds keep the cholesterol level of the body in the balance due to the presence of phytosterols, which a component of plant present in these seeds. Add a handful of pumpkin seeds to your favorite salad.

Healthy Seeds - Pumpkin Seeds

#3 Sesame Seeds

Other healthy seeds to eat, sesame seeds have benefits which have been told by people for thousands of years. With high in content of fiber, iron, and calcium, they are unique as far as their chemical structure is talked about. They have ligands, which are solid cholesterol fighting fibers, they have many other qualities that keep the body healthy. Studies have provided proofs that these seeds make blood-pressure low and protect the damage to the liver. They also help in preventing health problems like PMS.

Healthy Seeds - sesame seeds

#4 Sunflower Seeds

For those who are looking to go ahead with losing weight, these phytochemical seeds for them are the right choice. They are helpful for fast digestion and also helps to increase fiber intake. Folate, being an important nutrient for women are present in these seeds. Healthy seeds they are, as they also consist of Vitamin E, copper and selenium. These nutrients balance cellular damage and support heart health. Replace your everyday junk snack with handful of sunflower seeds.

Healthy Seeds - Sunflower Seeds

#5 Hemp Seeds

They are truly fantastic as they have the number of nutrition packed in them which are great for body functions and health issues of the body. They have a perfect balance omega-6 to omega-3 in a ration of three to one, so they are an impressive source of gamma linoleic. Their content is purely constructed of more than 30% of pure protein, which makes them an astounding daily protein source. 40% content of fiber present in hemp seeds make them the one and only source of such a high content of fiber containing edible food on earth! Many unpleasant diseases also remain at bay if hemp seeds are consumed on regular basis.

Healthy Seeds - Hemp Seeds


#6 Pomegranate Seeds

The anti-oxidants present in pomegranate seeds fight free radicals and prevent blood clotting. These eventually provide the blood-flow to free freely in the body which increases the level of oxygen. These seeds help to reduce cancer risks and heart-related diseases as they are high in polyphenols. These seeds are rich in vitamin C, potassium and fiber. Also, these seeds cease low-density lipopretein cholesterol from getting oxidized. This means that hardening of artery walls can be prevented y the consumption of pomegranate seeds, which makes your arteries fat-free. Atherosclerosis can be treated with these seeds along with pomegranate juice consumption.

-Healthy Seeds - Pomegranate Seeds

#7 Flax Seeds

The rise in lipids in blood are suppressed with the consumption of flax seeds. They also control appetite and support the weight loss. The benefits of these seeds are celebrated for centuries all over the world. It reduces abdominal pain. They contain ingredients like Alpha-Linolenic acid. dietary fibers and lignans, due to which they provide many health benefits. Presence of Linolenic acids in these seeds ensures the decrease of agents which give rise to inflammation and lowering blood levels of C-Reactive Protein. These seeds also block the growth of a tumour and reduce cancer risks in humans. The presence of ligands, which are actually phytoestrogens helps to stabilize hormonal levels and reduce symptoms of PMS, menopause and greatly reduces the risk of breast and prostate cancer. Healthy bowel functions s another gain for a body which is provided by the consumption of these healthy seeds which is the result of presence o fiber in them.

Healthy Seeds - Flax Seeds

#8 Apricot Seeds

Laetrile is a content in apricot seeds which is tested and is found to kill cancerous germs. This is a seed recommended to people who have a potential risk of getting cancer. They are rich in nutrients so sometimes are eaten as nutritional rich almonds. They keep the body healthy by providing them iron and fibers like other seeds. Sweet apricot seeds can be eaten on daily basis but not the bitter ones.

Healthy Seeds - Apricot Seeds


#9 Wheat Germ

Wheat germs have tremendous content of nutrients which make these seeds rank on the list of one of the most healthy seeds to eat. Iron, Vita B, and folate are present in abundance in these seeds. The fiber is in high content in these seeds which keep a right check on your appetite and help keep constipation at bay.

Healthy Seeds - Wheatgerm

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