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August 19, 2016

9 Healthy Pizza Crust Alternatives You Need to Try

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As a child I moved to a new city every year. The constant travel made me more adventurous with food. And in recent time, food and beverage industry has been booming. Not just me but people are looking to try new flavors and textures. Chefs are giving twists to classic dishes to satisfy our taste buds. But there are few classic dishes that we can not imagine without a twist and one of them is pizza. To me pizza crust can only be made with wheat or all-purpose flour but how wrong I was! Individuals on gluten-free diet or paleo diet have come up with amazing healthy pizza crust alternatives.

So if you are planning to make a healthy homemade pizza or just want to give your pizza a twist, then we recommend you to make your pizza crust with one of these alternatives.

#1 Biscuits

This is a perfect dish to enjoy with your afternoon tea or at your next party. Replace your regular pizza crust with biscuits/crackers of your choice. Add your favorite veggies on top and sprinkle cheese, salt, oregano and chilli flakes. Bake the pizza for 2-25 minutes and your pizza is ready!

#2 Cauliflower

The humble cauliflower crust has been quite popular but unfortunately the original recipes makes use of egg or cheese as binding. You could follow the original recipe below or replace egg with oat flour.

#3 Zucchini/Bottle Gourd

If you are out of cauliflower, then replace it with zucchini or bottle gourd. Watch the video to learn how to make zucchini crust.

#4 Potato

I love gnocchi which is made of potato. So when I heard pizza crust made with potato, I had to try the recipe. You could replace your regular potato with sweet potato to add that twist.

#5 Eggplant

Eggplant pizza crust is slightly more nutritious than the pizza crusts mentioned above. However, eggplant pizza crust will not be as crispy as your regular pizza crust. If you are willing to experiment and do not mind a soft and mushy pizza then try this healthy pizza crust.

#6 Mushroom Caps

Did you know mushroom is a great source of protein and are rich in anti-oxidants? Make personal pizza with mushroom. Substitute your regular pizza crust with portobello mushroom caps. These pizza is perfect as an appetizer for party.

#7 Beets

Beetroot pizza crust is a quite a unique pizza crust alternative. The beets are mainly added to give that color pop.

#8 Butternut Squash

Inspired from cauliflower and zucchini, butternut squash pizza crust is healthy, yummy and also adds color pop to to your favorite pizza.

#9 Lentils

Are you on a protein diet or trying to get your required protein in-take? Substitute your regular pizza crust with red lentils pizza crust and make your pizza protein-rich.

Have a healthy pizza crust recipe to share? Share you recipe and get featured.

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