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May 24, 2017

9 Foods That You Thought were Healthy

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We all thrive for food. In toay’s time,eating food is not what we only do, instead healthy and nutritious food which helps to maintain our weight. We do exercising,practise yoga, go for joggings and not what not but don’t think about what we are eating. There are some food items that we consume without thinking even twice because we have always thought of them to be good for our health but actually some of them are not healthy. Not all of our presumptions are always right. Let’s take a look at some of the food items we thought were good for our health, but actually aren’t.

#1 Instant Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a quick fix breakfast choice topped with some dry fruits or fruits,a complete wholesome meal. But we are not talking about the oatmeal steel-cut oats or oat meals that aren’t pre-cooked. We are talking about those that are pre-cooked and processed, which is why they lose all the important nutrients and are thus not healthy. So instant oatmeal is never a replacement for a proper Oatmeal.

not healthy: oatmeal

#2 Whole wheat bread

This may surprise you, but whole wheat bread or multi-grain bread aren’t as good as they are known to be. Most of the grains are bleached which makes them get rid of most of the essential nutrients. The fact that they contain refined grains make them not-so-healthy option depriving them of fibre. Moreover,it is processed means that they do more harm than good for your body. So our suggestion is if you’re going to eat bread, eat organic whole sprouted bread.

not healthy:whole wheat bread


#3 Smoothies

So we’re neither talking about the smoothies you make at home nor the ones you buy from smoothie stalls who use natural fruits and it’s just fresh juice coming from the machine. We’re talking about the packaged ones you’d normally buy from the store.

Most of these smoothies have frozen yoghurt and the problem with that is they come with a lot of added and processed sugar. If you consume such smoothies you’d just be adding a lot of calories to your diet. You would be consuming them thinking of them as to be healthy but what is the point of having smoothies after all if they are not doing good to you? Smoothies are meant to provide you with wholesome nutrients, not added sugar which can cause you problems like diabetes etc.

not healthy:smoothies


#4 Energy bars

Contrary to popular belief, energy bars are far from healthy. Let us start with their main ingredient: Granola.Granola is basically fried oats and on top of that they are pre-processed, hence they don’t really have any nutritional value left.

When they are a part of energy bars, the situation gets worse because energy bars have a lot of chemical compounds that aren’t healthy. If you look at the ingredients list at the back of an energy bar you’d find many ingredients that you’d have a hard time spelling, let alone comprehending their adverse effects. So now you can think that the bar which you used to munch while going out to office or coming from gym was actually harming you!

not healthy:energy bars


#5 Cereals

Most of us already know that sugary cereals are not really healthy but the cereals that are advertised as healthy are still just as bad. If you have to buy cereals, make sure you read the ingredients list first and find out how much sugar it actually contains. Natural sugar is good for health but not that processed sugar which these cereals contain. Some cereals are also loaded with sodium and other chemicals which needless to say, are not healthy. Actually, no chemical is healthy. You should try and avoid them as much as possible.

not healthy:cereals


#6 Rice Crackers

Rice crackers sound so light and perfect to go for diet stuff but what we don’t pay attention to is that they are low on fibre and high on carbs. The simple carbohydrates present in rice cakes gives you more hunger pangs instaed of giving you healthiness. Rice cakes maybe low in calories but those low calorie intakes are not improving your health. so, tdo try to avoid it as it is not healthy.

not healthy:rice cakes


#7 Tofu

Tofu, a great substitute for protein for vegetarians has been considered a very positive choice for many years. But the fact is that tofu is made from soy and soy is not good for health. Tofu is made from ‘fermented’ soy which makes it unhealthy. Moreover, soy is the most common food item to be genetically modified. Due to genetic modification, tofu causes various major health problems like breast cancer, cognitive problems, thyroid disruptions to name a few.

not healthy:tofu


#8 Flavored fat-free yogurt

We all are well versed with the health benefits of yogurt. Our elders constantly tell us to have 1 or 2 portions of yogurt a day in summer to keep heat at bay. But we prefer flavored yogurts sold at supermarkets as they are much tastier as compared to home’s but what we forget is that they are packaged, containing preservatives and loads of added sugars. Preservatives if consumed for a longer time leave a bad impact on health and sugar only leads to increase in weight along with other health issues. They do contain flavors but those are ’empty’ flavors just to lure us to deteriorate our health. So stop buying and avoid eating as it is not healthy at all.

not healthy: yogurt

#9 Energy Drinks

Nowadays, there are numerous energy drinks of various brands coming up in the market promising you to boost your energy levels and also giving you that unrequited energy but that’s not the truth. What they don’t tell is that they have added sugars, preservatives and sodium harming your nervous system and creating other health issues. It is not healthy at all for you. Prefer home-made juices and fruit drinks.

not healthy:energy drinks


We hope that we must have been able to guide you a bit over your not-so-health healthy foods. So do share with others and spread a word among others too. Keep eating, be happy but stay healthy and fit.

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