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July 19, 2017

10 Health Benefits You Gain When You Stop Eating Sugar

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stop eating sugar- Brown Sugar

Our day starts with a cup of coffee or tea with added sugar. We usually crave for something sweet after every meal. Few of us our blessed not to have sweet tooth but unfortunately, sugar is present in almost all our food items. The reason being most of us rely heavily on processed food items and to preserve these food, sugar along with other preservatives are added.

If you are wondering how to you could reduce sugar intake or eat less sugar, then the easiest way is to eat unprocessed food and to stay away from artificial sweeteners. Stay away from fruit juices and energy drinks as they are loaded with sugars that give you instant energy but in long run drains energy out of your body.

It is a slow process but once you begin eliminating sugar from your diet, the health benefits are many. We bring 11 health benefits you gain if you stop eating sugar.

#1 Reduce Cravings

Over-consumption of sugar gives rise to production of ghrelin, the hormone, which tells our body that it is hungry which results in binge eating. Cutting out sugar from your daily diet slowly can slower the production of the hormone and reduce your cravings to eat more.

stop eating sugar-whole and unprocessed food


#2 Sweet Breathe

Bacteria in our mouth reproduce quicker and result in plague buildup and smelly morning breathe. It is best to avoid sugar after dinner but if you just can not stop eating dessert, then always brush your teeth and gargle before you go to bed.

stop eating sugar-morning breathe


#3 Makes Your Skin Look Young

Eating too much sugar can dull your skin. It can also deactivate your body’s natural antioxidant enzymes, leaving you more vulnerable to sun damage. Work towards stop eating sugar for younger and glowing skin.

stop eating sugar-look young


#4 Keep Your Brain Sharp

Did you know sugar can eat away our brain power? It can also reduce proteins in our brain that responsible for sharper memory and responsiveness. Instead of letting sugar eating our brain; we need to stop eating sugar.

stop eating sugar- sharp brain


#5 Motivate to Eat Clean and Healthy

Eliminating sugar can do wonders to your daily diet. Once you avoid eating unhealthy processed meals, you will begin to eat clean food that will keep your body and health fit.

stop eating sugar-clean and healthy food


#6 Level of Energy

People usually drinks with high level of sugar to increase energy level but the fact is these juices bog you down. One of the side effects of eating high levels of sugar is you will feel exhausted frequently. However, if you stop eating sugar, then you will notice lower levels of energy initially but soon you will feel more active and energized.

stop eatting sugar-increased_energy


#7 Reduce Weight

A teaspoon of sugar will give you 16 calories and tea with sugar is just lethal! If you need to reduce weight then eliminate processed food and energy drinks for a month and you will notice a visible difference.

stop eating sugar- weight loss


#8 Get Rid of Skin Problems

Sugar contains inflammatory properties and cause wrinkles. Sugar also destroys collagen which results in dull skin. Sugar may also cause redness, irritation and redness under your eyes. Stop eating sugar for a month and you will notice smoother skin and relief from acne.

stop eating sugar- Skin problems


#9 For Proper Body Function

You need to consume lots of fiber for proper body function and you should avoid sweets. Eating more sugary foods will lead to dehydration and body imbalance. Sugar also weakens your immunity and digestive system.

stop eating sugar- Fitness


#10 Say No to Heart Issues

Excess sugar may cause artery inflammation which may lead to stroke or heart attack. Sugar may create teeth and gum problems which are linked with the heart issues. Sugar increases the level of stress hormones. Eliminating sugar or avoiding it will lower your cholesterol and keep your blood pressure and weight in check which is good for heart.

stop eating sugar- Healthy heart

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