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June 19, 2017

10 Health benefits of Tulsi (aka Holy Basil)

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health benefits of tulsi

Tulsi or holy basil plays a significant role in our lives. Most of us have tulsi plant in our house and have seen our grandmothers and mothers offering water to tulsi every morning. Even Ayurveda considers tulsi to be of utmost importance. Apart from being a part of religious ceremonies, tulsi has several medicinal properties too. Tulsi is an overall health booster that can help us fight many health problems such weight issues, infections, cancer and diabetes. Considered as elixir of life in Ayurveda, these 10 health benefits of tulsi (or for some people holy basil benefits are provided), will help you see the plant beyond its religious significance.

#1 Skin Problems

Skin problems cure is one of the common and well-known health benefits of tulsi. If you have either acne or eczema, cuts or wounds, then tulsi paste will help you fight such skin problems. You could mix sandalwood powder with tulsi to treat inflammation or if you constantly itch, then rub tulsi leaves or apply its paste for immediate result. Try to take bath with soaked-tulsi leaves water which will help keep infections at bay. You could also eat tulsi leaves.

health benefits of tulsi:skin problems


#2 Antioxidant Rich

Tulsi is rich in antioxidants which helps boost immunity and fight against common diseases such as cold and cough. It also helps in lowering blood sugar and effectively control diabetes. Consuming tulsi juice daily can also help you keep hydrated and fight oral issue. Just boil tulsi in water and drink early morning, you will feel a sense of refreshment after some time.

Common Cold


#3 Stress Reliever

One health benefit of tulsi or holy basil that most of us don’t know about. In a study conducted by Central Drug Research Institute, India, tulsi can help control the hormone- cortisol that triggers stress. The leaf calms your nervous system and regulates blood circulation which helps relieves stress. This effect may also help individual quit smoking. To lower your stress levels, consume 10-12 tulsi leaves daily. It helps in soothing of nerves and thus, relieving body of unwanted energy levels i.e. stress.

health benefits of tulsi:stress reliever


#4 Hair Problems

Tulsi is one of the best solutions for dandruff and hair fall. Apply some tulsi paste on your scalp and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Then wash your hair with lukewarm water. Doing so 2-3 times per week will give effective results in a week or two only. You could also combine amla (gooseberry) powder with tulsi to get rid of dandruff and get shinier hair. Tulsi extracts make most of the organic solution for skin and hair problems.

health benefits of tulsi:hair problem


#5 Cardiac Problem

Tulsi reduces the level of cholesterol and keeps blood pressure in control which helps protect the heart. Chew 5-6 leaves of Tulsi everyday to protect your heart and prevent heart problems. Antibiotic properties of tulsi along with presence of Vitamin C and anti-oxidants protect from release and inception of harmful chemicals which can be considered to be one of the important health benefits of tulsi. Eugenol present in tulsi is found to combat increasing cholesterol levels.

health benefits of tulsi:cardiac problem


#6 Ulcers

Ulcer is nothing but a sore developed in stomach or small intestine due to oral disorders troubling in a long run. Be it any type of ulcer, tulsi is a good remedy to treat ulcers. In a proven study, if you chew 5-6 leaves of Tulsi everyday for 20 minutes and then drink water over it by repeating the process 3 times a day; tulsi will not only help you get rid of the ulcers but also prevent them from recurring. Tulsi is found to be almost 99% effective in destroying bacteria and germs in mouth which give rise to ulcers.

health benefits of tulsistomach


#7 Kidney Stones

Tulsi can help breakdown kidney stones and reduce the pain caused by it by reducing the uric level concentration in your body which can be considered to be the main reason behind kidney stones beside indigestion of some seeds like that of guava and watermelon. Drink tulsi juice with honey daily for 6 months. The juice will cleanse your kidneys and will washout the stone. Tulsi acts as a pain-killer also which helps to bear the pain which arises when stones leave body.

health benefits of tulsi:Kidney Stones


#8  Cough and Respiratory problems

Chewing tulsi leaves can help curing cold and flu. Taking boiled water of tulsi helps in treating sore throat and freeing mucous in bronchitis and asthma attacks. You can just take some tulsi leaves, crush them to take out pulp along with honey and ginger juice also proves effective.

health benefits of tulsi:cold and flu


#9 Weight Loss

It might sound strange to some but tulsi also helps in keeping weight under control as it fights laziness and initiates the growth of new blood cells.  Tulsi tea is an age old remedy for weight loss as it strengthens digestive system and metabolism. Just boil some tulsi leaves in water with ginger, cloves and honey for effective results.

health benefits of tulsi:Tulsi-green-tea


#10 Eye Care

Regular consumption of tulsi protects eyes from various diseases. Soak leaves of the tulsi in a cup of water and let it stay overnight. Strain the water and use it to wash your eyes. It also soothes the eyes and reduces strain caused due to various  factors. You can also dip cotton ball into this liquid and place it on your eyes. Blink a few times to get relief in eye strain and other eye diseases.

health benefits of tulsi: eyes closed

These are just few health benefits of tulsi aka holy basil. Adding tulsi to your daily diet can help boost immunity and keep you away from common infections and diseases. Add 4-5 tulsi leaves to salad or have a glass of tulsi water everyday to keep your body healthy and fit.

Are we missing any health benefits of tulsi? Tell us by dropping a comment below.

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