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January 18, 2018

9 Health Benefits of Radish Leaves (Mooli ke Patte)

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Health Benefits of Radish Leaves

Radish is one of the healthy foods to eat that most of us don’t like to eat – raw or cooked. Radish has an extremely strong after-taste that usually puts off most of us. The ones who eat; usually avoid radish green. But did you know there are countless radish leaves benefits? Also, not all radishes have pungent taste. There are many varieties of radishes available in the market. Some of the common ones are daikon, black radish, horseradish and round radish. One of the most common variety of radishes found in Indian market in white icicle or daikon or white radish aka mooli. You could either have mooli raw or cooked. If you don’t like it either way then you could pickle it. Radish greens can be used to make healthy smoothies or your usual everyday green chutney. Radish greens are packed with nutrients and good for us. We bring 9 health benefits of radish leaves that will make you realize its nutritious value.

#9 There is a ‘Can’ in Cancer

Radish greens may help prevent the growth and reproduction of cancer cells in your body. It is most helpful in preventing stomach and breast cancer. Radish greens contain Folic acid, Vitamin C and Anthocyanins which reduces the chances of colon, kidney and oral cancer. The Vitamin C present in the leaves enables the cells to undergo apoptosis i.e. eliminates the reproduction of carcinogenic cells.

health benefits of radish leaves - stops growth of cancerous cells


#2 Radish Leaves are your New Respiratory Therapist

Benefits of radish leaves are seen in a better respiratory health too. It unblocks any congestion in the respiratory tract and prevents cough, cold, and other such diseases. For cough, you can add tablespoon of radish leaf juice with honey, this will work wonders in a very short time. Having radish leaves’ juice with rock salt and honey twice a day will also have prominent effect on your cough. To see the wonders of radish leaves on your asthma, have raw juice of the leaves with a tablespoon of honey everyday.

Health Benefits of Radish Leaves - Respiratory Therapist


#3 Bad Digestion is the Root of all Evil

The radish leaves juice also aids in digestion. It is not only good for your digestive system but also for your excretory system. It enables your body to fight constipation and acidity. The radish leaves contain more roughage and fiber than the root vegetable itself. The dietary fiber found in the radish greens help keeps your bowel movements regular.

radish leaves benefits: healthy digestion


#4 Dear Fat, Prepare to Die!

Radish leaves are high in fiber and packed with nutrients. Because they are low in calories, they can be consumed raw. There is no limit set to a person’s diet in a day to have radish greens. They help curb your hunger and in turn, you eat the right amounts at the right intervals. The high water content and negligible calories keep your stomach filled for a longer time, and prevent you from gaining unnecessary weight. It prevents dehydration due to its high water content.

benefits of radish leaves - energy

#5 Let Everyday be a Detox with Radish Leaves

Health benefits of radish leaves are more than you can count. They are high in vitamins and minerals which helps build up your immune system and reduce body’s fatigue. They act like high detoxifying agents. Iron and Phosphorous present in the greens improve your body’s immunity and help you fight common diseases like cold and cough. Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Thiamine help in reducing your body’s fatigue. Patients suffering from anemia, which is a condition of low hemoglobin level in your body, can benefit majorly by consuming radish leaves. The Iron present in them helps in elevating your body’s hemoglobin levels by producing more red blood cells.

benefits of radish leaves - detox body

#6 Powerful Jaundice-curing Agent

Patients suffering from jaundice find their skin turning yellow in color. Hyperbilirubinemia is the condition of yellowing of skin. The juice extracted from radish leaves is known to reverse this condition. The juice is to be sieved through a porous cloth and consumed for ten days, this is known to cure jaundice. For people who do not have facilities to make this juice, no worries, you buy go buy it from any nearby medicine shop.

#7  Fights Rheumatism

Rheumatism is a condition of severe joint pain in the knees, where there is a clear swelling. This condition leads to a lot of discomfort. The extract from the radish leaves, mixed with a little sugar and water, forms a paste. This paste can be consumed or put directly on the knees. Continued use of this paste will reduce the swelling and thereby, help you overcome the unbearable pain.

Health Benefits of Radish Leaves - Rheumatism

#8 Keep Calm and Cure Diabetes!

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases today. We pay our doctors tons of money for the monthly check-ups and even more on buying the medicines. There is a very easy way to escape the clasps of diabetes – the radish leaves! They will cost you lesser than the amount of money you spend on the doctors and medicines. The juices of the radish leaves help control your blood sugar level. The high fiber content of the radish leaves increases the insulin level in your body. It helps prevent drastic spikes in your blood sugar level and maintain a healthy life.

benefits of radish leaves - control diabetes

#9 Glowing Skin is Always In

You need to look no further on how to keep you skin young, healthy and glowing. The high amount of anti-oxidants present in radish leaves have a direct impact on your skin. They help oxidize the body, in turn keeping it smooth and glowing. This is a very inexpensive method of taking care of your skin.Having a glass of radish leaves’ juice will help you keep your skin younger for years.

Health Benefits of Radish Leaves - Beautiful Skin

In all, we can say that the health benefits of consuming radish leaves are multiple. They can be used in many forms depending upon your need. You can have them raw, in salads or juice, cooked or applied like a paste directly on your skin. A powdered mixture of radish leaves in a glass of water, if consumed everyday in the morning helps keep your bowel movements regular.

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