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June 8, 2017

9 Health Benefits of Ginger

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Do you remember the time when you used to sneeze and how your grandmother used to advice your mother to give you a ginger tea as it helped you in getting rid of cold? Or the aroma of tasty biryani? Well, ginger and garlic are mixed together to give that wonderful aroma and taste.

Ginger is an ingredient used in both vegetarian and meat-based dishes. In Indian cuisine, ginger and garlic are crushed together to create a paste that is used with other spices in multiple delicacies. In Japan, raw ginger is used in noodles. But the use of ginger is not limited to food. The health benefits of  Ginger are numerous. We bring 11 common ailments where ginger root or ginger tea can be beneficial:

#1 Respiratory Problems

One of the well known benefits of ginger is to help relieve from respiratory troubles. Ginger removes mucus from the respiratory tract and enhances easy breathing. Ginger can treat cough, colds and sore throats. It also keeps away chills and fever like symptoms. Drinking a glass of ginger water twice a day can speed up the results.

But a pro tip: Always add ginger to your tea after adding sugar to your tea. If you would add ginger to your tea without sugar it might turn your milk tea to sour tea.

Benefits of Ginger: ginger in tea

#2 Osteoarthritis

Consuming ginger extract everyday reduces joint pains and stiffness caused by osteoarthritis. You can also combine ginger paste with sesame oil, cinnamon and apply to the affected part. This will reduce the joint pain gradually. Ginger also reduces the muscle pain after doing exercise.

Benefits of Ginger: Osteoarthritis


#3 Indigestion

Ginger helps in quick digestion of food. Regular consumption of ginger reduces stomach-related issues and stomach pain caused by indigestion. Take one gram of ginger powder thirty minutes before a meal to avoid indigestion.

Pro tip: Always add ginger while cooking beans or lentils as it makes them easy to digest.

Benefits of ginger: indigestion


#4 Cholesterol Levels

You may sometimes unintentionally eat foods rich in bad cholesterol and this may lead to heart related issues. Consume two grams of ginger powder every day, for three months to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol.

Benefits of Ginger: Reduces level of Cholesterol


#5 Bacterial inflammations

Bacteria are responsible for inflammations. Ginger fights bacteria and prevent this inflammatory effect. Ginger also protects the teeth and gums. You can use ginger paste to get relief from gum swellings and tooth pain. Because salt isn’t the only ingredient in your toothpaste to stay away from sensitivity ginger can also help you out!

Benefits of ginger: makes Teeth and gums healthy


#6 Increased Blood Sugar Levels

Long term use of ginger may reduce the fasting blood sugar level. Two grams of ginger powder everyday will prove greatly beneficial to diabetic patients. While cut sugar from your diet paste some ginger to it.

Benefits of ginger: lowers sugar level


#7 Morning sickness and nausea

Nausea and vomiting are two common utterly miserable situations a pregnant woman suffers from during her first trimester. For that ginger plays a great role of a superhero in reducing the feeling of nausea. Just an intake of 1.1-1.5 grams of ginger everyday can reduce the nausea feeling.

benefits of ginger: nausea cure

#8 Menstrual Pain Reductions

Sometimes, home remedies can take over medicines in a better way. Just like that consuming 1 gram of ginger powder for first three days of menstrual period can let you have relief from all the pain and cramps.

benefits of ginger: stomach ache


#9 Sharpens Brain Functioning

Above of all ginger has done a lot of wonders to your digestive system but it can do wonders mentally too. Ginger can help you in getting rid of Alzheimer’s disease and age-related cognitive decline. It has been proven that it enhances the functioning of brain.

benefits of ginger: Brain functioning


The health benefits of ginger are numerous and can help provide relief from day-to-day health troubles.

Please note: if you are subject to any long-term medication, consult with your doctor to ensure that the consumption of ginger will not interfere with the action of the medications.

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