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May 30, 2016

Have a Good Night with these 10 Simple Steps

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have a good night, restful sleep

We wake up in the morning and the first thing we want to do is go back to sleep. Is it just because we are lazy? Hold on for a minute and rethink about this. Are we actually that lazy?

Most of us fail to get enough sleep required by the body to function at an acceptable rate. But why do we fail to have a good night? The reasons for this can vary from person to person. To some, it is the addiction to social media while for others it can be pressure of deadlines and work related things. Anxiety, depression or any other physical/ mental ailment can also be the reason. It is very important to get seven to eight hours of sleep in order to feel more energetic and enthusiastic during the day. But, always keep in mind, it is not only the quantity that matters but quality of sleep is also very important.

Don’t worry if you suffer from lack of sleep. There are some easy ways which can help you get the required sleep. Here are some easy ways to fall asleep;

#1 Stick to a proper schedule

The first and foremost point is stick to a proper schedule. Always choose the time for going to bed and the time at which you will wake up. And follow it rigorously! You will realize that you will get better sleep once your body adapts to the schedule.

have a good night, stick to schedule


#2 Exercise daily

The vigorous the exercise the better but, even light exercises will do the work. Just make sure that you complete your exercises at least before 3 hours of your sleeping time. The body needs some time to cool down and attain the temperature conducive for your sleep. Studies have also shown that exercising improves the quality of sleep and it is an easy way to fall asleep. Exercising everyday can definitely help you have a good night.

have a good night, exercise before sleep


#3 Say no to all the electronic gadgets

Stop using all electronic gadgets at least 1 hour before you go to sleep. Also, keep the gadgets away from the range of your eyes. The lights coming from TV, mobile phones, e-readers, etc. are disruptive and will interfere with your sleeping. To have a good night, switch to listening to light music instead and keep the room dark when you go to sleep. This will provide you with a restful sleep.

sleep 3

#4 Eliminate light sources

Light from any source can delay the sleep. So, if you want to know how to sleep better, firstly, turn off all the lights around you. too much light can cause stress and strain to the mind whereas a dark surroundings calms us down during bedtime. Therefore, turn off the lights at least one hour before going to sleep. This will help you get better sleep.

Have a good night, eliminate the light


#5 Relax before you finally go to bed

Make it a habit. You can do this by reading a book before, taking deep breaths, doing some stretches, anything that makes you feel relaxed. Soon your body will identify this as the activity leading up to sleep and you will sleep peacefully.

sleep 5

#6 Sleep in a cool, calm and comfortable environment

The noises should be minimum, the temperature should neither be too hot nor too cold and, your bed should be comfortable. Also, keep your work, out of your bed so that when you finally go to bed, the brain interprets it as sleeping time. This is definitely one of the most important tips to fall sleep.

sleep 6

#7 Avoid taking naps

While taking naps sounds like a very relaxing thought, naps can sometimes cost you your night’s sleep. If that is happening, it is advised to not take afternoon naps. And if you feel extremely tired and exhausted then you should try taking power naps, i.e. sleeping for about 20 minutes. Power naps can be quite relaxing and helpful in restoring energy. This can provide a very restful sleep at night.

Have a good night, avoid taking naps


#8 Keep the Clock away

One of the most important tips to fall asleep is to keep the clock away from the space where you sleep. With a clock around, the mind keeps diverting towards time and leaves the brain wandering and wondering about schedules and various other things. So, it is always better to sleep without a clock nearby.

have a good night, keep the clock away


#9 Avoid caffeine

No, this does not mean that you can never have coffee or any other food item containing caffeine in it. To have a restful sleep, avoid intake of caffeine after noon. Consuming caffeine can interrupt with the amount of sleep that you get.

have a good night, avoid caffeine


#10 Watch out the time you sip

Pee breaks can be very harmful for a good night sleep. So, a very important sleep tip is to not drink anything before 2 hours of going to bed. Otherwise, you can feel the urge to use the bathroom at odd hours. Remember, once the sleep is disrupted, it takes time to fall asleep. Therefore it is suggested to use the loo before going to bed in order to prevent disruption if sleep.

have a good night, avoid too much water



Maintain a sleep diary

A diary helps you to understand your sleep patterns and track down you activities and sleep behavior. Do this for about 2 weeks to be able to draw conclusions. write about your basic sleep habits but don’t restrict yourself to that. Write about the food you ate near bedtime, the thoughts that overtake your mind near bedtime or the exercises you did. Comparing after two weeks can help you form a sleep pattern.

have a good night sleep, sleep diary


So, the above mentioned tips can help you get better sleep. Following these sleep tips can help you have a good night.

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