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June 30, 2016

7 Hair Styling Hacks For This Summer

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Hair Styling Hacks

So, somebody said back then, “Life is too short to have boring hair” . We all want that perfect hair that withstand a hurricane. While we take care of makeup during our bus/metro rides to work or college; the hair is always a challenge. It becomes equally difficult to tame your mane when you are running late for a meeting or class. So you should know some Hair Styling Hacks. We are here with  7 hair styling hacks that will help you get that dream hair you always wished for without taking too much of your time.

#1 Layered And Longer Pony Tail

The first hair styling hacks is if you are running late for work and require a classy pony tail for the presentation or a relief of letting your hair down on a hot sunny day. Have a look at the double pony tail that volumizes your hair just in a minute.

Hair Styling Hacks- Pony Tail


#2 Manage Your Flyaways

The unruly flyaways end up annoying you with number of hair pins that fail controlling them and eventually make you look bit shabby.Get a polished look by spraying a small amount of hairspray on a tooth brush and gently brush in downward motion.

Hair Styling Hacks- Flyaways


#3 Dry Shampoo Magic- The Soul Of Hair Styling Hacks

One of the  most important hair styling hacks is Dry Shampoo Magic. Sacrifice a few minutes of your beauty sleep, when you know you can’t spare the extra time for a hair wash. Just apply dry shampoo at night and see the shampoo making wonders, making your hair oil free and ready just for the day.

Hair Styling Hacks- Dry Magic Shampoo


#4 Keep Your Bobby Pins Close To Your Hairspray

So, if you frequently need hair pins and they slide down your slippery straight hairs . Spread your bobby pins on a towel and spray them with hair spray or dry shampoo, grab end of the towel and shake them. Pin them and be rest assured they won’t slip out.

Hair Styling Hacks- Bobby Pins


#5 Make Your Hair Style Stay Longer

Set your hair dryer to alternate warm and cool air to make let your hair set longer.

Hair Styling Hacks-Blow Dry


#6 The Messy Knot Pony Tail

On a lazy Sunday shopping spree take your pony tails to a next level try the messy knot and look gorgeous.

#7 The Brush Theory

Although it may seem a bit under rated but an essential knowledge of different types of brushes is a must. Use paddle brushes to smoothen your frizzy hairs and small round brushes for curling. After every hair wash use a wide-tooth comb to untangle your hair. Wide-comb tooth protects your hair from breakage and helps grow hair faster.

Hair Styling Hacks- Brush Theory


Do you have any secret hairstyle hacks or tips that you would like tho share?

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