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March 23, 2017

13 Hair Oils for Different Hair Types

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hair oils for different hair type: argan oil

After a hectic day at work who wants to sit and nourish hair with oil. It is so infuriating to sit and oil hair and then wash them with extra efforts. Well, oiling hair is a necessary thing so as to make them look beautiful and healthy. After all, investing in your hair is a required thing as it is the only crown which you would never remove.

Oiling hair is an integral part of our beauty regime. And it should rightfully be so because oiling nourishes our hair. However, different hair type needs correct hair oil. With so many products in the market and all claiming to solve all hair problems, it becomes a tough decision selecting the right one for you. Our hair oil guide will help you select the right hair oil for your hair type. There are many hair oils for different hair types. Find out the 13 different hair oils for different hair types.

#1 Argan oil: Frizzy hair type

Often known as ‘liquid gold’, argan oil is known for its healing qualities. It can work as a great heat protector, hair moisturizer and tame down unruly and fizzy hair. It can control hair damage and protect it from breakage and split ends. Argan oil is a great option for people with dry scalp. Frizzy type of hair can be converted into smooth hair type!

hair oil for different hair type: argan-oil


#2 Castor oil: Thin Hair type

Those who have very thin hair and need some hair growth, this oil is for you. Castor oil stimulates the scalp and facilitates hair growth. It makes the hair roots stronger and prevents them from breaking. Its antibacterial properties ensure that it works for any scalp related infections.

hair oil for different hair types: Castor oil


#3 Coconut oil: All hair types

This hair oil is perfect for both dry and oily scalp. Coconut oil has been used for ages to give hair some shine and vitality. It prevents hair fall and hair damage and moisturizes you hair to give it strength from within. Well, yes grandma was right!

hair oils for different hair types: coconut oil


#4 Gooseberry oil or Amla oil: Dry scalp and grey hair

This oil works as a conditioner and reduces dandruff from the scalp. It is known for balancing hair pigmentation and it reduces premature greying of hair. Not only the oil is wonderful but also it can be eaten and give your hair a lot of benefits.

hair oils for different hair types: Gooseberry Oil


#5 Almond oil: Good to get rid of dandruff

Almond oil gives a very sweet fragrance to the hair. Apart from that it will make you hair healthy and lustrous because of high reserves of fats in the oil. Almond oil is full of antioxidants, vitamin E, fatty acids and protein. With the high intensity of magnesium it strengthens hair quality.

#6 Hibiscus oil: For fast growth of hair

You may not have heard about it but hibiscus oil works wonders for the hair. It is very good for preventing hair fall, reducing dandruff and increasing hair growth.

hair oils for different hair type: Hibiscus Oil


#7 Olive oil: Elasticity to hair

This light weight oil has great properties which is why it is used for a lot of skincare products. Its moisturizing properties can make your hair healthier and stronger. It helps in bringing hair back to its natural quality. It helps in upgrading your hair from frizzy to shiny.

hair oils for different hair type: Olive Oil

#8 Jojoba oil: Dull hair type

Jojoba oil can bring back life to the lifeless and dull hair. It is very good for preventing dandruff. Apart from that it can hydrate your hair from the roots, making them strong and healthy. It softens your hair and helps you in detangle your hair before shampoo.

hair oil for different hair type: Jojoba Oil


#9 Grape seed oil: Sunscreen for hair

Grape seed oil by nature is odorless and non greasy, making it a great option for people with sensitive skin. It acts as a heat protector and works as a sunscreen for hair. This oil is used for many hair treatments. It also controls the dandruff problem.

hair oils for different hair type: Grape Seed Oil


#10 Tea tree oil: Oily hair type

Tea tree oil is great for people with oily skin. It can calm the itchy scalps and work as a great anti bacterial hair oil for people with skin problems.

hair oils for different hair types: Tea tree oil


#11 Abyssinian oil: Fine hair type

Even for fine hair type it is required to have a fine hair oil. For that type go for abyssinian oil. The organic crambe seed oil. It is a light weighted oil that provides you greasy, thin and dull hair shine and volume.

hair oils for different hair types: Abyssinica oil


#12 Rosemary oil: Healing of scalp

Rosemary hair oil not only increase circulation of scalp that helps in healing but also helps in rapid growth. It also helps in decreasing hair fall after shampooing hair. It also prevents baldness, graying of hair, dandruff and dry scalp.

hair oils for different hair type: Rosemary oil


#13 Baobab Oil: Growth of hair

With its high vitamin content and fatty acids hair growth can be boosted. It improves the elasticity of hair locks and cell regeneration. That is the reason hair grows faster and better.

hair oils for different hair types: baobab oil


Remember you can combine hair oils to resolve multiple hair problems.

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