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February 18, 2017

4 Skin Tones and 12 Blushers – Guide on Choosing a Blusher!

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Blushers are the prettiest of all makeup products. They may not give you a sexy pout like your red lipstick, or the mysterious allure of smoky eyes, but they do give you a fresh and dewy flush on your cheeks that can magically transform the most basic of your skin routines. Day or night, the mighty blusher is a handy tool in enhancing your features and giving you a soft glow. There is a myriad of blushers in the market, and we’ll tell you how to choose the right one for your skin tone.

Fair Skin

Pale Pink Blusher

Choose a pale pink blush, as it is the most natural looking color for fair skin. Darker shades can look orangey, like an Avatar mutant! If your fair skin has yellow undertones, (read Reese Witherspoon), choose a pink with undertones of peach to create a heat like an effect. Make sure you don’t overuse! For some nighttime drama, you could also opt for a plum gel blush to complement your porcelain skin.

Medium Skin

Apricot Blusher

Since the medium skin tone is the most common, it is very easy to go wrong with the blush. These skin tones only need slight enhancement on account of being naturally warm, apricot tones work best with them. For a more edgy look, mauve also works well with these colors. If you’re more into the pink side of things, you could choose a berry colored blush for an enhanced version of the fair skinned look, without looking like you tried too hard!

Olive Skin

Peach Blusher

Peach works best with olive skin tones. Because of the green undertones, it is difficult to match blushers, but endure that you don’t opt for a red one because you may tend to look like Christmas on legs. For easy blending, always opt for a cream formula so that there are no sharp edges. For a more feminine appeal, use a cream formula of rose that you can set with translucent powder. You can definitely experiment with bronzer but in measured quantities.

Dark Skin

Mauve Blusher

The trickiest of all to consider, dark skin requires a liberal application of products, so that they show up on the skin. It’s wise to not apply a really dark blusher, but one more along the lines of a mauve or raisin colored cream blusher. Deep red (read Ruby Woo) cream blusher works best with dark skin. An intensified tangerine or orange also looks fresh and dewy with dark skin!

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