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March 13, 2018

8 Remarkable Goji Berries Health Benefits

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Goji Berries

Ever heard of Goji Berries? Yes? No? Well, very few of us know about it. First things first, what are goji berries?

Goji or Goji Berry or Wolfberry is a fruit of either the lycium barbarum or lycium chinense, which is closely related to the species of Boxthorn in the Nightshade family, Solanaceae. In simple words, it belongs to the family of potato, tomato, eggplant, belladonna, chili pepper and tobacco. Both the species are Asian and most of the commercial goji berries comes from China. In fact, goji berries have been used for various traditional medicines in China for over 2000 years now.

Goji berries are low in calories and also fat free. These are a good source of fiber and rich in antioxidants too. Meaning, this super food berry will help you lose weight and also aid in better digestion. But that’s not it. Lets know more about the goji berries health benefits.

#1  Treats Various Diseases

Goji berries have been used in china for medicinal purposes. Its ability to cure was also mentioned in the Chinese ancient book “Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing” on medicinal and agricultural knowledge.

Goji berries health benefits include its ability to naturally treat diabetes, infectious diseases, common cold, fever, and hypertension. The antioxidants in goji berry known as beta carotene, and other phytonutrients protect the skin and eyes and keep them healthy. The benefits of eating goji berries is that it acts as a natural anti-depression medicine and treats anxiety and mood swings or disorders.  Wolfberry also keeps heart diseases at bay due to its ability to regulate cholesterol level and reduce blood glucose.

Goji Berries - Treats Various Diseases

#2 Boost Fertility

Goji berries are believed to provide nutritional benefit to the reproductive system and increases fertility. It is said to increase the sperm count and the vitality of sperm. Not just in males, goji berries are also advantageous to the females in context of fertility. It treats female infertility in patients with premature ovarian failure and who face problems to ovulate normally. 6 to 15 grams of this super berry intake on a daily basis can help balance the hormones.

goji berries to boost immunity

#3 Boost Energy and Mood

Drinking Goji Berry juice regularly can help boost the energy level, mood and also improve digestion. This was brought into light by a study from the Journal Of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine. The participants who drank the juice regularly for two weeks were seen to have better “general well being,”, had an increased energy level and better gastrointestinal function compared to those who did not. So start sipping some goji juice as a preworkout snack, or else whenever possible.

#4 Potential Weight Loss

Goji berry is full on in nutrition level. It contains fiber, which helps one stay energized even in a small serving. It keeps one feeling full for longer. Replace your junk foods with a small bowl of dry or fresh goji berries to use it as a light snack. Use them as raisins in yogurt or salad for a change. Did you know an ounce of goji berries contains only 23 calories. Thus, it can be replaced with other dried fruits which are higher in sugar content.

Goji Berries Boosts Mood and Energy

#5 Acts As A Liver Detoxifier

Another goji benefit includes its capability to cleanse or detox the liver. It is often used in soups in case one falls sick to strengthen and protect the liver. It is said that Monks in the Himalaya used to use this fruit to restore their vitality, strength, and well being. It also helped them meditate better. Since it protects the liver and kidney, it is a natural medicine to cure kidney stones too.

Goji Berries Toxifies Liver

 #6 Rich in Antioxidants

The benefits of eating goji berries is that it provides necessary vitamins and minerals such as fiber, iron, vitamin A etc. One must  also note that they are highly rich in antioxidants too. Zeaxanthin, an antioxidant is responsible for the sharp red color of this fruit.

Antioxidants protect the cells from breaking down when they are exposed to  harmful elements like smoke, dust or radiation. Not just low calories, it is also low on unhealthy fats. Thus, people who often binge on goji have healthy skin and eyes. Goji berries prevent hypo-pigmentation of eyes and prevents the yellowish deposits in the eye from happening.

#7 Maintain blood sugar

Another  benefit of eating goji beery is its sweet taste and it also helps in potentially lowering the blood sugar. It improves sugar tolerance and alleviates insulin resistance. This is why it is considered good by patients of diabetes. But it is very important to consult the doctor before you include/increase your goji intake.

Goji Berries Helps with Wieght Loss

#8 Fights Cancer/ Improves Immunity

The high level of vitamin A and C  builds the immunity system and increases its ability to fight various diseases. Moreover, the high level of carotenoids make it a tool to fight cancerous cells. Goji fights tumor growth, decreases the inflammatory cytokine level and detoxifies the body against harmful toxins. Hence, it is not a bad idea if you start including this fruit in your diet.

We have already mentioned how it helps in treating various diseases. This is a result of polyaccharides and glycoconjugate that promotes bioactive immunomodulating, anti-tumor and antioxidants activities in the brain, liver, reproductive organs and digestive system. Thus, making the immunity stronger.

Goji Berries Boosts Immunity


This superfruit berry is absolutely healthy and very beneficial to health. Its been in the dark for quite long now, but all its benefits make it necessary to be included in the diet. Include goji berries and make the most of it now.

Please Note:  Please consult your general physician before adding Goji Berries to your diet. Goji Berries are known to have no serious side effects, however, women who are breastfeeding or pregnant should avoid these berries.

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