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May 22, 2016

When Gods Enter Courts: Lawsuits Filed against “GODS”

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If you thought Kanji Mehta, in Oh My God, did something that no one in real life could do in India, then you are mistaken my friend. Either inspired by him or not, we don’t know, but in the recent months we have seen quite few cases where the almighty have been subject to litigation.

Have a look at the famous and funny law suits filed against the ultimate Gods:

#1 Lord Rama And Lakshmana
A case was filed against Lord Rama for renouncing his wife Sita and exiling her (vanvasa) for no fault of her based on the accusations of a laundry man; even after swearing in front of the fire(Agnipariksha)

#2 Lord Lakshmana

Lord Lakshmana has also been dragged to court for supporting his Bade bhaiyaa and later insulting Sita.

#3 Lord Yudhishthira
Lord Yudhishthira has been summoned to the court for illegal gambling and human trafficking. While Yudhisthira gambled with Duryodhan in a royal court, not a casino, and further, he went on to trade himself, his brothers and Draupadi, which was a clear case of human trafficking.

#4 Lord Hanuman
A suit was filed against Hanuman for illegal encroachment for one his temples which seems obstruction to traffic movement.

Also the individual who filed a case against Yudhishtira is set to file a case against Hanuman for avoiding customs duty on Sanjeevani Booti.


Mahabharata has been a treacherous play, and the pact to overcome injustice has depicted a great example and a lot of its characters are put to question and are soon to be charged (idea of the guy who accused Yudhishthira).

A case against Dusshasana for outraging the modesty of a woman and a case against Lord Krishna for inciting war through his speech to Arjuna are soon to be filed.

Featured Image Source: https://hinduperspective.com

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