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October 27, 2016

Global Warming Effects Discovered on Mt. Everest

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The entire world today is facing environmental issues as a direct effect of global warming. Scientists have already started noticing melting ice caps and rising sea levels but what came as a shock was when football size lakes were discovered on Mt. Everest.

A team from Great Britain spent four weeks on Khumbu Glacier, the world’s highest glacier, on Mount Everest. The team were expecting small ponds and puddles but were appalled when they discovered a lake.

Khumbu Glacier used to reach last Everest Base Camp. The lake has started popping difficulties for the mountaineers. The climbers have started opting for a different route but how safe the alternate route is is still not confirmed.”The lakes might act as a natural reservoir storing vital water resources or they might pose a hazard to the people living below, or maybe both,” says Quincey.

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