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October 27, 2016

Girls Who Took The Sole Initiative to Clean Banaras Ghats

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prabhu ghat

Two girls come from one of the most ignored parts of the country, visit one of the most populated parts of the country, see the dirt and garbage around, demeaning the quality of the place, go back and come up after a month to clean the place with a group of volunteers and cleaning equipment.

Meet Temsutula Imsong from the state of Nagaland and her friend Darshika Shah. It all started with a boat ride on Prabhu Ghat when they noticed the filth that covered the pious and holy river of the Yamuna and the city alike. People openly defecated there. Owing to this, the appalling site came up the Mission Prabhu Ghat.

They started a program and under the same endeavor, they started cleaning the Banaras Ghats. They disposed of a total of 300 tons of garbage in the first three days itself.

Though, they have been commended by the Prime minister himself for the great endeavor in his own constituency and have also managed to meet him twice in this short period of time.

But this recognition and adoration are of little help as they continue to face challenges like absolute ignorance from the municipal corporation of the city and the disposal of the garbage collected from the river is also a key issue. The swachh bharat abhiyan will not be successful if we are ignorant. We not only need to make our homes and surrounding clean but also need to ensure that the city we live in is clean, the surrounding cities are clean and our country is clean.

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