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June 19, 2016

How to Get Rid of Menstrual Cramps

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Menstrual cramps: happy to bleed

It’s that time of the month again, ladies!

Menstruation is something that every woman takes pride in. It is the reason we are all here. But the severe pain in the abdomen that comes with is certainly not a fun ride. Menstrual cramps usually occur during the menstrual period or it would begin before the menstrual period starts for women.  This is the time where you can find a change in the behavior of women due to pain and hormonal disturbance. The cramp which affects you for couple of years after you attain puberty is termed as primary dysmenorrhea. If you have any disorders in the reproductive organs then the cramps would last longer than the usual menstrual cramps. This type of pain is termed as secondary dysmenorrhea. During menstrual cramps you would feel pain in the abdomen, lower back, hips, thighs with upset stomach and vomiting.

But worry not, because we have in our #HappyToBleed arsenal some really helpful tips to get rid of (or reduce) menstrual cramps:

#1 Herbal Tea & Chamomile Tea to Reduce the Pain

The herbs in the tea will reduce the severity of the menstrual cramps. Glycine is an amino acid which will relax the uterus and prevent muscle spasm. Glycine is rich in chamomile tea. In a research it was found that drinking chamomile tea during menstrual time is good for your health. Before you drink any herbal tea consult with your doctor. For people under long-term medical treatment it may disturb with their medicine.

Herbal Tea

#2 Consume Fish Oil

Regular consumption of fish oil, salmon fish, halibut and tuna fish may prevent you from menstrual cramps. Not only menstrual cramps fish oil protects you from several other diseases too.

Fish Oil

#3 Acupuncture & Acupressure Would Help You

Acupuncture will calm your nervous system. This is essential for the normal blood circulation. Acupressure also reduces the menstrual cramps and both have good effect on patients. It is better to follow these than consuming the medicines.

#4 Oil Massage for Pain

You can use any oil to massage on your lower abdomen. You can use lavender, marjoram along with the essential oils to massage. The pain will reduce gradually and you will feel better for rest of the day.

#5 Avoid Caffeinated Drinks

During your menstrual time you should avoid caffeinated drinks as it would make the condition worse. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

#6 Relaxation Also Reduces the Pain

Relax yourself and raise only your legs two feet above the rest of your body with the support of pillows. This position will make your uterine muscles to relax.

#7 Use Heat Pad

If you need quick relief then go for heat pad. You will be relieved from the menstrual pain immediately if the cramps are not severe. But this is only a temporary relief.

#8 Warm Bath to Get Rid of Cramps

Whenever you feel the menstrual cramps just go and take a warm bath. This will relax the muscles and relive you from stress and pain.

#9 Exercise Will Help You

Doing sit-ups will strengthen the abdominal muscles and if possible try jogging, walking and swimming. You can also try the aerobic exercise.

#10 Involve In Sports

Just to overcome the menstrual cramps take part in any of the sports. So you can run for some time and that is good for your health.

#11 Eat Banana &Dried Fruits

You need more potassium which is rich in banana. If you don’t like banana then consume dried fruits like apricots, prunes etc. Just by changing your diet you can get rid of menstrual cramps.


#12 You Need Vitamin B1& Magnesium

If you have enough vitamin B1 and magnesium in your body then you may not get more cramps. Magnesium is necessary for the proper functioning of the muscles and nerves.

Adult women need 320 mg of magnesium daily. Other than consuming vitamin supplements you would get enough magnesium just with the intake of nutritious food. This is the best and long-term relief from menstrual pain.


Sure, every woman might not benefit from all of the mentioned tips but I hope some of these help all you gorgeous women next time when Aunt Flo is in town! 😉

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  • A number of ways have been discovered to help relieve menstrual cramps. One such way is the use of heat in order to soothe the pain.

    Christian Ontog August 31, 2017 6:59 am Reply
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