September 26, 2016

7 Games You Can Enjoy Without Wi-Fi

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No wi-fi games

Waiting for bus or interview or friend? If you are like me and don’t have patience to wait then these smartphone games are a lifesaver. These games are free and do not require data plan. No we are not talking about Jewel Mania, Candy Crush or Cooking Fever. These games do not require you to wait for hours to refuel lifelines. You get unlimited lifelines, they are easy to understand and will get you hooked in few minutes.


Sequel to the popular game dots, Two dots is an easy way to occupy yourself. It’s just a matter of connecting dots.

#6 Plague Inc

Can you infect the world? Starting with Patient Zero, you’ll use wits and strategy to end humanity before they can find a cure to your deadly pathogens. It’s deadly fun.


Simple goal: rotate two orbs on a circular track to prevent them from colliding with incoming obstacles.


This adventurous game lets you help a boy find his sister on creepy yet pretty to look at graphics.


In this simple yet difficult game, all you have to do is to stack the blocks.Sounds easy eh? Try it out.

#2 Bonza word puzzle

For all the crossword lovers out there, Bonza word puzzle challenges your ability to form new words in a very playful way.

#1 Dumb ways to die

Can you board a train? Protect your private parts from deadly piranhas? Dumb ways to die is to see how long you can survive.

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