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March 31, 2016

Funny Songs List: 7 Songs That will Tickle your Funny Bone

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So there are good songs and there are bad songs but then there is a category separately made for the kind of songs that this article is going to tell you about. Though some of these songs are by great artists but the lyrics confused the audience so much that didn’t know whether to dance to the tunes or fall off the chair laughing. So here I give you a funny songs list that I have ever come across. It might take a while to figure what they’re trying to convey but how about just sitting back and enjoying without much thought?

Get Set Go to discover this humorous funny songs list.

 #1 What does the fox say?
Well now that you do sit and think about it – what does the fox say? Ylvis decided to answer that question for us by telling us that the fox makes all sort of noises from “Ring ding ding ding a ding a ding” to “Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow”

Yeah, you read it right. This song has been dedicated to a fox and this song got so popular that the singers landed up dancing to the tunes Ellen DeGeneres. You have to go hear it because not only will it make you laugh really hard but you might even find yourself humming it a few days later. This song tops our funny songs list.

 #2 Mean Kitty Song
I stumbled upon this song when I was browsing through the trending videos long back and this song fascinated me so much that I cannot help but share it. Created by SPMFilms this song is about his cat and his antics around the house. This song will make you laugh and awe at the same time while watching a video about the mischievous cat.

#3 If I were gay
So have you ever imagined what it would be like to be a tad drunk with an extremely attractive friend of the same sex or even better, how it would be if you were gay? I think this song does all the imagination for you. An interestingly written song with a different ideology, I must say. With clever puns, this song is all it shouldn’t be.

 #4 United Breaks Guitars
This song has an interesting story behind it about a passenger who flew with the United Airlines and the airlines ended up breaking his treasure Taylor Guitar and then refused to take any responsibility for the loss. So in revenge sons of maxwell posted a video on YouTube explaining their story which went viral on the internet and eventually forced the company to pay up for the loss. The song made by them is one hell of an entertainment.

 #5 Like a Boss
Written and performed by The Lonely Island, this song is the reason why ‘Like A Boss’ phrase came into existence. This song is a perfect adaptation of what goes on in an office and will surely make you laugh with it funny lyrics as it talks about what a boss does through a day.

 #6 I Threw it On The Ground
Another ridiculous number by The Lonely Island as they take us through a series of things he basically throws on the ground from drinks to hot dogs. So this song basically revolves around them throwing things on the ground and that accounts for everything in the song as the name suggests, with lyrics that just do not make sense. Do check it out.

#7 JB Fanvideo

As Laina posted this on the YouTube as a parody for Justin Bieber’s song Boyfriend, she became viral all over the internet as the Overly Attached Girlfriend. She was a part of innumerable jokes and memes. The song’s lyrics basically talk about how it would be if she were someone’s girlfriend. They might just scare you but they will surely make you laugh a lot.

I’m sure there are much more. Why don’t you let me know if you’ve come across any such song in the comments? Meanwhile, share this post for your friends to have a good laugh.

I am sure you had a good laugh reading these. So do not wait and just download the songs from this funny songs list and tune into it whenever you are in a bad mood.

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