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August 27, 2017

How to have fun at a concert without any worries.

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Listening to music is one thing, but being able to hear your favourite artist is an another experience altogether. Which is why concerts are so appealing. The way the energy of the entire humongous crowd radiates through you making you scream like you never have before is an experience which you definitely can’t have in your living room with earphones plugged in. The loud music, the sweat, the sticky people and the bad dancing, everything seems to be a part of this glorious moment that you end up having while at a live concert. From Indian popstars to Indian and International DJs and Singers, the amount of fun that one has with friends or even alone, watching their favourite artist dance and perform loud music in front of their eyes is unparalleled. But there are somethings that you should know before you go to a concert and you should be well versed with them. So here is a list of things to remember so that you along with all your friends have a memorable night!

#1 The first and foremost thing that on should remember is to stay hydrated! A lot of energy goes into screaming and dancing and it is very important to stay hydrated!

#2 Do not eat a heavy meal before the concert, eat a healthy one but not a heavy one, preferably fruits. You will feel hungry after the concert trust me, fill up then as much you want!

#3 Be sure to go in a group and to stick with them, as a concert can have all kinds of people, some nice and some not so nice.

#4 Be aware of your surroundings. If you notice someone unwanted dancing or lurking around you, be sure to take necessary action.

#5 It is always preferable to carpool or take your own car to a concert. You need the comfort of your car after a tiring event.

#6 Clothes is a tricky option because everyone has different ideas of comfort but for summers it’s suggested that you wear a pair of shorts with a well-fitted t-shirt, don’t wear a flared up top as it can end up dancing more than you. A crop top is always a good option too. For winters it is preferable you were a nice sweater with leggings. For footwear avoid heels.

#7 Put on a LOT of antiperspirant!

#8 For girls, it is suggested you wear extreme smudge-free makeup!

Well, that does mostly cover up the dos and don ts of a concert. For me, personally, a concert is a place where you can really let yourself go and release your stress and dance and scream like no one is watching. With so much pressure in our lives nowadays we need a space where we completely let go.

So if you have never been to a concert, go find a ticket for the next one in town and rush for it and be sure to go through these tips once more before your head out for it!

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