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April 28, 2017

Fruit Seeds: Are They Edible or Poisonous?

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Our elders recommend us to intake more amount of fruits in order to make our body more nourished and healthy. Apples, oranges, pomegranates and much more are one of the popular fruits in the world. All these fruits have seeds within them. It is very often that sometimes we chew these fruit seeds along when we are biting the fruit. So, Is there any need to worry if we eat them? Should we spit them as early as possible?

So, Now let’s discuss should we eat these fruit seeds or no? If no, why should we avoid eating these fruit seeds?

All fruit seeds have different characteristics which can be related in their relation to health. Consider Seeds of Pomegranate.  Pomegranate seeds are a good source of Vitamin K and contain a good amount of fibre in it. They are rich in Vitamin C. As per reports have claimed, pomegranate seeds are considered good for our health. They are loaded with extra fibre and adds vitamins and minerals to one’s health.

pomegranate seeds - fruit seeds

Other seeds too, like Papaya seeds, all citrus fruits seedswatermelon seeds are proved to have the beneficial effect on health.

For Example, if we consider Papaya seeds, they are very beneficial to an individual and help prevent parasitical infection from the body.
And if you wish to increase the amount of zinc in your diet, you must start eating watermelon seeds. Watermelon seeds are known to have an incredible amount of zinc which is beneficial for one’s health.

watermelon seeds - fruit seeds

So far, we have been discussing the seeds one should eat. Is there any fruit seed which we should not take or which can be harmful to our health?

It is said, that Apple seeds are poisonous to our health. Apple, no doubt, again one of the most famous fruit in the world is available almost everywhere. Not only a famous but a very healthy food too. But if we swallow the seed by mistake then we should not take it lightly and spit it out immediately.

apple seeds - fruit seeds

The reason is Apple seeds contain a plant compound amygdalin which releases cyanide when it comes in contact with digestive enzymes of humans. In cases with the higher amount of dose, this can be dangerous and lethal and can even lead to the death of an individual.

An apple seed may deliver up to 0.06 to approximate 0.24 mg of cyanide. If you intake a lesser amount of seed, then it’s fine. But apple seeds have the capacity to deteriorate your health and can cause unlikely symptoms in your body. A large amount of consumption can even lead to a death of an individual caused solely by the cyanide released by the apple seeds.

If we talk about peels, they don’t exhale any such thing and can be taken by an individual. But, chewed or crushed apple may be harmful to you as it releases cyanide.

Not only apple seeds, but the cherry seeds have the same property and release cyanide as it also contains the same plant compound in it like apple does. Thus, Cherry seeds are also harmful to an individual. These seeds can be very poisonous to human beings and can cause various major difficulties in human beings like in their heart, breathing or in their other body parts.

Peach pits and Apricot pits also release the same compound and release a large amount of cyanide. These toxic compounds are not good for the health and if consumed in large amounts, can even lead to a death of an individual.

peach pits - fruit seeds

Thus, as we look for the right amount of fruit to eat as per the number of vitamins and minerals it provides. We must also see the same in the case of seeds. Some seeds are extra beneficial for humans whereas some have the determinable poisonous effect on the health of an individual. Thus, one should keep care that what he/ she is consuming is right for his/ her health or no.


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