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June 27, 2016

6 Forgotten Candies from 90s Which Were Fantabulous

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Remember taking a rupee to a shop and coming back with 4 candies in your hand? Those days are long gone, mi amigo. If you’re a 90’s kid, then you must have tasted a few of these iconic candies. Here is a list of some such candies that will take you back in time. Some of these are still sold but have lost their fame and hype since the 90’s kid is now all grown-up. They are the iconic and forgotten candies from 90s.

#1 Big Babol

One of the two iconic chewing gums on this list, Big Babol was an absolute favorite for the kids who loved blowing bubble gums. With its sugary taste which lasted for a long time and the fact that they always had some other incentives to offer, like free stickers or temporary tattoos made us all the more crazy about Big Babol.

candy from 90s - big babol


#2 Magic Pop

This was the Indian counterpart of the infamous Pop-Rocks. These candies literally exploded once they came in contact with the tongue. Opinion regarding the taste of this candy was divided but the reason for its popularity wasn’t the taste but it’s unique exploding nature which became a rather unusual source of amusement for the 90’s kiddo.

candy from 90s - magic pop


#3 Fatafat

Marketed as ayurvedic digestive pills, these pitch-black round pills quickly became a sought after candy because of their perfectly balanced sweet and sour taste. These came in a 5 rupee pack which contained about 10-15 pills and even though eating that many digestive pills at a time are ill-advised, we used to do it anyway. 90s ka swag, you see…

P.S. This candy from 90s is still available at chemists and paan stalls.

candy from 90s - fatafat


#4 Mango Bite

They say all good things don’t last forever and that was the case with Parle’s Mango Bite which was banned by the FDA in October 2012 and that is why today’s generation of kids aren’t as lucky as the 90’s kid who enjoyed this sweet candy for the majority of their childhood. Priced at 50 paise each this was enjoyed by kids of all ages alike.

candy from 90s - mango bite


#5 Poppins

The best part about this candy from 90s was that you’ll keep guessing what flavor you’d be getting next!! Packed with 10 candies that came for a sweet price of about 5 rupees this was an absolute delight for kids who loved fruit flavored candies. What’s your favorite Poppins flavor?

candy from 90s - poppins


#6 Boomer

BigBabol‘s fierce rival, Boomer used clever marketing to be in an ever-present brand in the chewing gum market. Apart from making Boomer Man (remember “Boom Boom Boomer”?) the mascot of the brand Boomer occasionally hosted contests like: “Collect 100 wrappers and win awesome sunglasses” to attract their targeted customers. But make no mistake, Boomer was just as good in taste as its competitors and if you’re gifted enough, you could make huge bubble gum balloons with it. I mean, really huge balloons.

candy from 90s - boomer


A real trip down the memory lane, eh? Have some other long forgotten candies on your mind? Tell us in the comments below!

Featured Image Source: www.newsworldindia.in

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