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April 3, 2018

9 Forbidden Places on Earth Not Possible to Visit

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Forbidden Places on Earth - Snake Island in Brazil

They say that the world is the ultimate abode for travellers, and with the amount of travel technology we have at our disposal today, no place is forbidden. But the contrary is just true, there are certain forbidden places on earth, which are not for your access. You would simply be refused entry to such places and chances are, you might not be too willing to visit them as well. There certainly do exist places not allowed to visit and some of them are secretive enough to make you list down numerous questions. It is time and again said, that the forbidden fruit seems more enchanting and alluring. But are these forbidden places worth the risk? Well here we have a list of 9 forbidden places on earth that are impossible to visit.

#1 Snake Island – Brazil

Originally known as Ilha Da Queimada Grande, “the snake island” is an off the coast island in the Atlantic Ocean. Although not exactly one of the secret places on earth impossible to visit, but visiting this place is prohibited. It is the home of the venomous Bothrops insularis, which is the golden lance head pit viper snake. This island is dangerous for public visitation. Access to this island is only permitted to the Brazilian Navy and selective researchers. This island is a place of nightmares and is one of the most forbidden places on earth. The venom of these species of snakes melts away human flesh, and we are sure this isn’t going to be on the lists of any of the wanderlusts!

#2 Area 51 – Nevada

This place has association with government secrecy and it is assumed that it has holdings of alien space crafts. This area lies 125 miles northwest of Las Vegas and is a testing site for government’s aerial testing and surveillance programmes. This air base in the Lincoln County has been an area that raises innumerable questions in the minds of many. It is one of the top forbidden places on earth, that you just cannot get access to. It is a highly classifies remote detachment area. Originally this place is known as “Ranch” or “Site II”, armed guards patrol the fenced perimeters. This military installation flashes thoughts of secrecy and mystery in people. Visitors are totally prohibited and not all army personnel can gain access. The 2015 film titled “area 51”, was made keeping the concept of this place in mind. And although no one knows how much truth the film holds or the facts about Area 51 really have some truth in them- this is indeed the most secret place on earth. The concept which took a film almost 8 years of production and release delays, is not a very advisable journey to embark upon.

#3 Room 39 – North Korea

What goes on inside North Korea’s shadowy room 39? For sure this counts among the places not allowed to visit. Though it is said and heard that illegal activities take place here, what actually happens inside Pyongyang’s workers party building’s room 39- is it a room full of drug secrets, Japanese pornography, fake money, etc. Many books have been written on this speculating subject and a few documentaries also have been made. Some claim that room 39 is a secretive North Korean party organization that maintains slush funds of foreign currency for the leaders of the country. Many papers and reporters alleged fraud scheme insurances being prepared there. There are several different theories as to what exactly goes on in this room, and yet no specific and assured answer to these theories. Hence room 39 is primarily listed amongst the forbidden places on earth.

#4 Poveglia – Italy

It is a small island near Venice. The island has a tragic and dark history and is believed to be haunted. Once a dumping place of deceased, it was transformed into a quarantine zone in 1348. Later a hospital for mental patients was made and shut down. The history of these place gets it high in the count of forbidden places on earth and it is closed to both locals and tourists.

#5 Ise Grand Shrine – Japan

This is an ancient shrine dedicated to a goddess titled ‘Amaterasu’. The tale goes that this shrine is the home of an artefact which is considered scared and is called “the sacred mirror”. This mirror believed to represent wisdom and honesty has been stolen, burnt, lost, thrown in the sea and attempted to be destroyed in the past, but there is something magical yet mysterious about it. And hence it is always recovered. One among the 9 forbidden places on earth, this Japanese Shrine, dates back to the 3rd century. While you might be allowed to visit its premises, the interior vaults of the shrine are not meant for visiting purposes.

#6 Mount Fishtail – Machapuchare

For all the mountaineering lovers this could have been a great catch, but unfortunately it is banned. This is a majestic peak in the Himalayas and is known as the “fish-tail “mountain. It is less tall than Mt. Everest with an altitude of 22,943 feet. Well we have often heard people climbing the Everest and its neighboring peaks yet never heard of this particular one. Since it is considered sacred and connected to Lord Shiva, climbing this peak is banned.

Forbidden Places on Earth - Mount Fishtail in Nepal

#7 Diego Garcia – British Indian Ocean Territory

Full of a cluster of talcum beaches and a beautiful sight of coral gardens, it looks like an ideal spot to spend a weekend or a relaxing vacation. But opposite to the ideal state, this is a place of controversies and a home to several ancient problems. Believed to be the sight of torture for prisoners, Diego Garcia is declared off-limits by the United Kingdom government and well deserves the rank amongst the forbidden places on earth. Access is allowed to official people, that too only the selective ones. This is one of the most secret places on earth impossible to visit.

#8 North Sentinel Island – Andaman

One of the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal, the North Sentinel is a place where an estimated population between 50-400 lives. What makes it one of the forbidden places on earth is the fact that, the tribe that lives here talks in terms of arrows and stones. They are untouched by civilization. You can only see this island from 3 miles away as the government has banned on visiting this place due to the highly barbaric actions of the inhabitants of this region.

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#9 Google Data Centres

Situated in Douglas County, Georgia, this is the place where all the world’s information resides. We rely on google more than our own selves and google relies on this place. Secrets here are well maintained in a professional manner behind the organizational prowess. In 2012, some pictures of the data centre were published by Google. Indeed, one of the secretive forbidden places on earth, you just cannot venture off to.

Forbidden Places on Earth - Data Center

The world and its wonders might be at your disposal, but not all places are places to roam. So just before you plan a trip on a much called for adventure, see that your destination is not a part of any such list of the “forbidden”.

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