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June 15, 2017

10 Surprising Foods that Cause Depression

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foods that cause depression

All that food that we intake, goes into our limbic system which is responsible for our emotional functioning. We all have heard of food which makes us happy such as chocolate or pizza, so probably time to think about what foods makes you depressed. Due to work or other responsibilities we are always in a stressful mindset. The usual tendency of many people during stress situation is to munch something. We do not realize that in doing so, we are affecting our own health. Also, there exists foods that make you sad and foods that cause stress. There are some foods, which unknowingly lead to depression. Food is essential for our biologically functioning, but with the change in time, it is also important for us to beware of the foods that could affect our physical as well as psychological health, especially keep away from foods that cause depression.

In this article, we will cover some of these foods which are not healthy but they are rather making you depressed and unhealthy.

#1 Rice

One fact that we are aware is rice makes us fat due to the high percentage of carbohydrates. The high amount of carbohydrate makes you feel energized immediately but drains out that energy equally easily making you feel lethargic and sad. Thus, it tends to keep you to bed. And staying too much in bed can make you sad or depressed.

Well, yes, rice is a staple food for many and cannot be avoided. But it always better to avoid excessive consumption of foods that make you depressed.

foods that cause depression: rice

#2 Meat

Processed meat contains a high level of hormones which can be bad for health. It also increases diabetes, cancer, and other illness. This could result in severe affects on the immune system, which could gradually cause depression. So, try reducing the consumption of meat.

foods that cause depression: meat

#3 Bread

Bread is another food which has a high level of carbohydrate. According to the psychiatry department of the Columbia University Medical Center, carbohydrates can pose a severe problem for women in menopause. It gives them constant mood swings and fatigue. Other processed foods such as cereals and pasta also make it to the list of foods that cause depression.

foods that cause depression: bread

#4 Fat-free dressing

We love those dressing and hearing its fat free we consume more. But it’s not healthy at all. As they contain a high amount of sodium which in turn affects your neurological system. It also results in water retention in the body and causes bloating.

foods that cause depression: fat free dressing

#5 Alcohol

Though many of you see alcohol as a good company during your stressful and sad days, you do not realize that requiring the very support of alcohol is actually making you weak. Yes, alcohol too is one of the foods that makes you sad. With an excess intake of alcohol your nervous system’s controlling, understanding and thinking capacity slows down. Thus, the major effect being depression. You cannot really drink away all the pain, alcohol is going to get to you.

foods that cause depression: alcohol

#6 Caffeine

Caffeine is often taken as a solution to keep oneself awake. Though this is seen as its advantage, it also causes trouble to our emotional stability. Access of caffeine causes sleeplessness which disturbs our mood. Thus resulting in bad mood, anxiety and depression. Drinks like coffee and soda which contain caffeine are actually not good news.

foods that cause depression: caffeine

#7 Fried food

Foods that are cooked in hydrogenated oil and has trans fat can immensely contribute to our diet and depression. It is a good advice to stay away from fried chicken or fried potato because the saturated fats present in them can clog your arteries and prevent blood flow into your brains. This could slow down the brain functioning and thus propagate depression.

foods that cause depression: fried food

#8 Tofu

You surely would not have expected Tofu to make it to the list of foods that cause depression. However, tofu and other soy products contain phytoestrogens. These are responsible in affecting the memory and reducing its functioning rate. Hence, tofu is not a good food to intake in old age for it could cause dementia.

foods that cause depression: tofu

#9 Salty food

The excess sodium present in salty food can weaken your immune system causing fatigue and also disrupt your neurological system resulting in depression. Too much of salt also causes fluid retention and bloating. So its good to avoid extra salt. Try sticking to 1500-2000 mg of salt per day.

foods that cause depression: salty food

#10 Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners block the production of neurotransmitters, serotonin. Serotonin is responsible to make you sleep. So if it is not produced in the body it would cause insomnia, thus resulting in mood swings. High intake of artificial sweeteners could cause depression. Also, people prone to depression are strictly advised to avoid artificial sweeteners.

foods that cause depression: artificial sweetener


These foods if consumed in large amount have adverse effects as mentioned above. It almost seems like all the foods that you actually enjoy have made it to list of foods that cause depression. That doesn’t mean one shouldn’t consume at all. Everything in small quantity is always good! Eat a lot of vegetables and yes, little bit of chocolate would not hurt either.

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