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August 1, 2016

9 Food Items With No Expiration Date

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Eternal food items

FOOD! This word is enough to bring a smile on a million faces. It would have been so good if it never expired. It would’ve been great to have food items with no expiration date at the shopping malls! Expiring of food is painful and that too when you don’t eat even a bite of it. Well it is a bitter truth that everything on this earth has a natural life cycle.

It would have been so good if there were any food items with no expiration date. Right? For your surprise it turns out, some food items can last forever. They will never spoil, never degrade in quality and will always be there when you need them. So, don’t worry if you find a food item from the lost below stashed deep in your cupboard with a packaging date of say 1990, it’s as good as new.

Here, is a list of 10 eternal food items:

#1 Honey

The oldest jar of honey that was ever found was 5500 years old and it was still in edible condition. Honey has the ability to last perhaps a very long time. Honey doesn’t change it’s texture or quality even though it may get crystallized after sometime, the trick is to just keep your jar of honey out in the sun and it would be as good as new. Oh! Honey bee thanks for this eternal food item.

food with no expiration date: Honey

#2 Rice

When we say rice, we mean white rice. White rice of all types can last upto 30+ years. However, brown rice which considered good for health doesn’t last for more than 30 days due to the higher oil content in it. Just make sure your rice is stored in air tight containers free from any bugs.

food with no expiration date: rice

#3 Hard Liquor

Don’t worry about finishing up that bottle of liquor on your liquor cabinet, it can last long enough for you to pass on that bottle to your next generation. Even though it’s smell might change a bit and the flavor might develop into something else, you will be back into high spirits once you have someone to enjoy the age old drink with. Let’s just not forget ‘Older the wine gets, better it gets!’

food with no expiration date: Hard Liquor

#4 Salt

Hey! My name is Salt. I help food to last forever. Well, I am also a food item with no expiration date and always try to give your food great taste!’

Yes, Salt not only stays intact for many years but has also helped in keeping other things intact since a very long time now. From the ancient time when salt was used for mummification to making of pickles, finding salt in this list shouldn’t come as a surprise. However if your salt is iodized salt it would last only for 5 years.

food with no expiration date: Salt

#5 White Vinegar

You can buy a large size bottle of white vinegar and never worry about it going waste, because it never will. White Vinegar is one of those magical food items that stays the way it is for ages to come. So, the next time you want to dress up your salads don’t bother checking that manufacturing date. Vinegar is eternal.

food with no expiration date: Vinegar

#6 Vanilla Extract

Pure vanilla is made up from alcohol and thus stays fresh forever. Non pure vanilla extract however may not. So, the next time you go to buy some vanilla extract make sure you buy the one that says “Pure Vanilla Extract” because that’s going to last a lifetime.

food with no expiration date: Vanilla extract


#7 Instant coffee, cocoa powders and tea

Yay! Good news for all the caffeine lovers… Yes, you can keep it for over a decade! The only requirement is to keep it all away from moisture.  So here you go keep your favorite item safe with you for a long time.

food with no expiration date: coffee


#8 Dried Corn

Be it corn or corn starch it all can be preserved for a long time. Doesn’t the pizza taste even better with corns on it so why not dry it and preserve forever. Just remember to store it in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. So preserve it and give your curries thickness for a long time with an item with no expiration date.

food with no expiration date: Dried corn


#9 Sugar

Just like salt in ancient times sugar was used as a preservative. And it is in itself a food item that can be preserved for a long time. But its biggest enemy is again moisture. So, if it kept away from moisture in closed jars it can be preserved for a long time.

food with no expiration date: Sugar


The next time you go shopping make sure your list includes these food endurance champs.

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