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March 25, 2018

10 Powerful Food Combos for Healthier Life

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Healthy Food Combinations

The following are the most common and simple food combos that are not only regarded as power food combinations but also these are available in every household. The food combining can be done in various ways that are beneficial to both the adults as well as the children. These should not be ignored and must be added to the daily routine diet so that the food gets accustomed to the body and reaps benefits due to the regular consumption for long periods of time. These food combos immunize our body and act as an antibiotic, anti-septic, therapeutic, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-oxidants and anti-pyretic.

#1 Turmeric and Black Pepper

This is one of the age-old food combos that are not only power food combinations but also healthy food combinations. Turmeric and Black Pepper have great medicinal benefits. For centuries now, the turmeric paste alone is used as a remedy to treat burns, cuts, wounds and any other skin infection. It is used as naturally enhances the facial complexion and acts as a beauty agent. The pepper alone solves the gastric problems by expelling out the excess phlegm from the body. When consumed together, the bio-availability of this food combo increases and it acts as antiseptic, analgesic, anti-flatulence and anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant medicine. The effects of this food combo include numerous benefits to the human body such as detox the liver, treats asthma, improve indigestion, regulates the metabolism, fat breakdown, prevents a cough, improves the immune system. Hence, consume this food combo daily so that it could aid to treat the chronic diseases like cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes, arthritis and Alzheimer. There are various ways that the turmeric and black pepper can be put to use with all other types of food combs. Its use is best described in the Indian Ayurvedic medicine.

Food Combos-turmeric

#2 Dry fruits soaked in Honey and Milk

This is the best of all food combos. Chop all the dry fruits that are handy –dates, cashews, pistachios, almonds, walnuts, and raisins. Soak all of them in a cup of honey overnight. The next day, add a spoonful of honey dripping dry fruits in a bowl of milk and consume to get the best results. These power food combinations will increase the immune system and it will have a direct effect on the body metabolic rate. Numerous health benefits of this healthy food combinations are boosts energy naturally, prevents the chronic diseases such as heart attacks and cancers, develops the vision ,focuses on the dental care and the bone health, treats throat and skin related infections effectively, Improves Immune system, treats anaemia and maintains the haemoglobin levels in the body, sparks insulin and glucose levels, treats the gastric and weight problems, acts as the best beautification agent of hair, skin, and face, Alleviated Sleep-related disorders, Improves the healthier overall growth.

It is proved that milk alone has all the vital nutritional elements needed for the body and hence combining milk with any other foods would simply add up the dietary supplements with adequate carbs, healthy fats, and fibers to your body. Nonetheless, honey, milk and dry fruits food combos are the elixir of life as one fist of the concentration of it is packed with nutrients full of fibers, iron, potassium and calcium, vitamin A, magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, copper and potassium. Though dry fruits are expensive, it’s worth the price as they in return give you the gift called “Health”.

Food Combos - dry fruits, milk and honey

#3 Basil and Ginger

Basil (tulsi) and Ginger are very common Indian Household items. These items make a powerful food combo when consumed in the form of Tea. Basil, popularly known as Tulsi in India, is a sacred plant in Hinduism. Its medicinal benefits, as studied in Ayurveda, are unparalleled. The holy basil has the compounds of anti-oxidants called orientin and vicenin along with the anti-inflammatory compounds such as eugenol, citronellol, and limonene. It also contains the common vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, beta-carotene, potassium, iron, copper, manganese, and magnesium. This unique spiritual plant leaves of Tulsi, when mixed with Ginger, makes such a unique and medicinal food combos that surpasses the English medicines. The decoction of this blend along with the other healthy food combinations such as honey, turmeric, and black pepper is extremely effective in discharging out the common infections such as common cold, high fever, stomach aches, ear infections, chronic cough, and also expels the excess mucus. This is one of the strongest food combos that treats the headaches, asthma, diarrhoea, vomiting, sore eyes, sore throat, hiccups, in case of first aid, acts an agent that stops bleeding, dental care, fights off the skin infections, removes kidney stones ,fights the heart diseases, deworms the kids, controls acidity, cures piles. It is great pain killer and stress reliever.

Food Combos - basil and ginger

#4 Hard-boiled Eggs and Banana

After several hours of sleeping, the body needs a protein boost to start the day. Hence, fill your breakfast with high protein diet with a perfect pairing of hard-boiled eggs supplemented with banana. This is one of the best power food combinations that gives ample amount of energy to kick-start your day when you have it for breakfast. This is most recommended food combos for children who don’t consume meats and fish. The proteins in eggs help either build the cells and tissues, or repair or remove the damaged cells to cleanse the body vitals and keep them working thus breaking the fatigue. The potassium in bananas provides healthy sugars, while the healthy fats and protein from the egg maintain the blood sugar levels of the body. This food combining is great for women. The hard-boiled egg releases the choline component which is a must for pregnant and breastfeeding women for the healthy development of the brain of the infant. It also protects the women’s body from cancer. The eggs also contain an important brain nutrient called tyrosine, a derivative of amino acids. This nutrient alerts the brain when it receives or sends the signals. This food combo substitutes the fish in the diet for Omega-3 fatty acids.

Food Combos - Boiled Eggs

#5 Oranges and Oats

Oats are packed with iron and Oranges have high amounts of the vitamin C. This is one of the healthy food combinations where after consumption of oats, if you eat an orange, then iron is ample in your body. The Vitamin C in orange boosts iron absorption that is obtained from oats. The vitamin C helps your body to make more iron and boosts the immune system. This is one of the good food combinations that prevent, both adults and children, from the anemic conditions and also helps in maintaining the adequate levels of hemoglobin components.

This is the power food combinations that you should take as the breakfast meal, as it gives an adequate dosage of power to your brain to develop the necessary concentration for the day. Oats not only contains iron, but it is known for its high levels of fiber content which stimulates the brain for its healthy functioning. Hence the iron, fibers and vitamin C put together form a power-packed food combo that intensifies the brain power.

Food Combos - Oats and Oranges

#6 Onions and Garlic

This food combining is most common in Indian cusisine. This is one of the food combos that is a basic flavoring essence of all Indian curries . This food combo is a great anti-oxidant. These food items have high amounts of sulfurs in it. It has essential amino acids, minerals like calcium, phosphorus, sodium, calcium, and magnesium. It is rich in Vitamin B (Complex), Vitamin C and E.

These food combining works best for the detoxifying the body, cures bronchitis and the respiratory-related illness, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, balances the blood sugars, stimulates better blood circulation, the analgesic agent cures the joint pains and backaches, improves the immune system, protects the liver.

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Food Combos - Onions and Garlic

#7 Yogurt, Almonds and Banana

This is great a snack time healthy food combination that reminds me of a tasty smoothie. These ingredients are an ideal and one of the simplest food combos that can be a perfect intake after a workout. This food combining is best known to help the muscles to speed up the repairing process and retain its form after an exercise. This food combination contains macronutrients that helps increase insulin levels in your body. Insulin helps the muscles to quickly absorb the nutrients like amino acids and glucose. Other benefits are improved digestion, prevents constipation and relieves menstrual cramps and piles.

This is one of the best food combos that also gives the body a healthy punch, packed with pro-biotics, lactose, lean proteins, fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and E.

Food Combos - Yogurt Almonds

#8 Rice with lentils and Beans

The food combos that is a staple diet of most of the Indians. I remember, dal-chawal (rice and lentils) to be my everyday lunch after school. This food combination is rich in protein (because of lentils). You could increase the protein level by serving rice and lentils with beans.

Food Combos - Lentil Salad

#9 Spinach and Beets

Spinach and beets are perfect food combos that are full of iron and fiber. These ingredients make good food combinations that can be easily eaten in raw form as a salad or a smoothie. All the vitamins and minerals in this food combo are in the alkaline form and hence they are great at balancing the PH levels of the body. This one of the food food combinations that cures all the blood-related problems such as blood flow, blood pressure or iron in the blood. It also helps in the formation of red blood cells, prevents the gums from bleeding, cures rheumatic arthritis, prevents cancer, treats the eye-related problems. This food combo can help alleviate the anemic condition in pregnant women.

food combos - spinach and beets

#10 Finger millets with Semolina and Oats

If these grains seem alien to you then let me give you their Hindi translation. Finger millets is ragi and semolina is sooji. Semolina is rich in iron, potassium and protein. It keeps our heart healthy and helps with weight loss. Finger millet is rich in calcium which helps with strengthening of bones and can keep osteoporosis at bay. Finally, oats are rich in carbs and fiber. They help not only control blood sugar but also cholesterol. This one of the most healthy food combinations on our list. The best way to have this food combo is to combine all three ingredients in equal quantities. Grind them together to get a coarse powder. Make dough (like regular roti dough) and replace your wheat rotis with this healthy alternative.

Food Combos - Millet

Include at least one of the aforesaid food combinations every day into your dietary routine. These power food combos taste yummy, are easily available and help you lead a healthy life.

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