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April 21, 2017

‘Food and Mood’ – How They Go Hand-In-Hand?

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Food and Mood

The topic of this article might make you laugh or even amuse you but the statement definitely holds true. There are buddies out there who look for an ice-cream or a delicious chocolate just to rejoice themselves or forget their worries. It all depends on the type of hormones that are released that causes the mood changes. Sometimes, it is also the mood that makes you choose certain foods which can be labelled as ‘mood food’. For instance, if you haven’t eaten for long hours, you’d choose a carbohydrate-rich food, which leads to obesity. So there exists a bond between food and mood and let’s explore it in detail!!

Let’s have a look at the foods and the mood changes that they cause depending on which we can decide on its inclusion  or exclusion in our diet plan.

#1 Chocolate

Chocolates are considered to be tokens of celebration. Yes, consumption of chocolate releases feel-good hormones in the body making you feel elated. This can be compared to the joyous feeling of a person in love or one who had an amazing workout. But, the darker side of it is that it results in a very high calorie and fat intake. So all you need is a piece of chocolate to pull you out of a gloomy day which clearly points out the food and mood connection.

Food and Mood: Chocolate


#2 Maggi

Every insomniac knows that the best food that can sweep off your midnight hunger pangs is Maggi. Well, this is the staple food of every household in India. But if you haven’t noticed, there’s a kind of guilt that you’ll experience from all that carbohydrate consumption. Restricting the consumption to once a month is the best way to eat Maggi!

Food and Mood: Maggi


#3 Coffee

The coffee addicts know the importance of starting their day with a cup of coffee which puts a smile on their face, the energy that is pumped in during the sleepless nights to meet the deadlines at work and the crunching discussions or chats that can happen over one beautiful cup. The caffeine present in coffee again releases feel-good hormones in the body and a boost of energy that stays for a long time which can help you avoid mood swings. But make it a point to consume not more than 2 cups daily.

Food and Mood: Coffee


#4 Spicy food

‘Live Life with a little Spice’ is so true. We Indians have a sweet tooth, but it is the spicy food that is going to make us feel good. For a while, it makes you sweat and shake and go half blind with your tongue burning. But people still love the feel of it, for it can turn you upside down highlighting the rapo between food and mood. It also has hypoglycemic effects and increases blood circulation, resulting in alertness and high motivation.

Food and Mood: Spicy food


#5 High-fat food

No strict parent or a rule book can keep the kids away from the junk. Well as a matter of fact, adults reach out for the mouth whacking burgers and pizzas that tempt you with tasty food that can keep you away from the kitchen for a day. Other than the guilt that washes over you on consumption of high fat-containing food, there’s a lot of stress on the body, which you might not realise but ultimately it leads to bloating and lethargy.

Food and Mood: High-fat food


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