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April 15, 2017

Follow These 5 Tips To Add Volume Your Hair Instantly

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Hair Volume: hair care

Our hair is a vital part of our beauty and over all personality. But nowadays, many of us face many hair problems as a result of growing pollution, changing lifestyles and some nutritional flaws in our diet. One of the most common hair problems is hair fall, and almost all women face this problem at some point in their life. As a result, hair loses all its volume and becomes thin. However, following a healthy diet and lifestyle and taking good care of hair can solve this problem in the long run. Here we But, since it takes time, we will share with you some tricks that will help you make your hair appear fuller instantly.

Let us see how we can improve the volume of our hair by following these 5 easy tips.

#1 Turn Upside Down While Drying

Turning upside down and flipping the hair while blow drying ensures more volume. It makes the hair look bouncy as hair tends to move away from the direction of gravity in this process. Using a big round brush to comb hair helps to retain the volume for longer.

#2 Shake Your Mousse Before Applying

A good shake to your hair mousse before applying it infuses a lot of foam in it making it light and fluffy. This applied over damp hair and followed by combing with a wide toothed comb distributes the mousse evenly on hair effectively adds volume to the hair and makes it look denser.

#3 Curl It Up

Although it is difficult to find time for styling in our busy daily routine, if by chance we get a chance to fix the problem of limp hair, curling it up is a good solution. So, use some large Velcro rollers and do your hair up with it. It will not only magically enhance the volume but also give it a new and more styled look.

#4 Avoid Middle Parting

Middle parting your hair eventually reveals its limpness more than any other style. So, make it a point to never do it as it also increases the chances of damage and hair fall. So, it is always a better idea to side part it if you want to make it seem a little more voluminous.

#5 Don’t Use Too Many Products

Using two products at a time is good enough to enhance volume and bounce of hair. But over doing with products will end up adding too much weight on hair and they may become rather pressed down. So, avoid using more than two products on your hair.

Limp hair may be genetic for some and there is little that can be done in this case to increase the volume in the long run. But for those who have it due to hair fall, it is a signal for some underlying health problem. The above mentioned tips cannot solve the problem of thin hair permanently, but it can definitely help anyone change the look of limp hair into bouncy and fuller hair very easily and quickly.

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