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April 7, 2017

Flashback: The Cult Classic, Andaaz Apna Apna

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Andaz Apna Apna
“AmarPrem, AmarPrem!”
The misadventures of the infamous duo going to great lengths for love and money were not only hard to forget, but also left us begging for more. Maybe that’s why the film’s charm and silliness remain intact every time we happen to watch it.
I’ve been reading that they’re trying to make this film again. Bravo! But let’s be honest – Aamir Khan has, over the years, become so purposeful with his art and craft that the role of Amar might not suit him anymore. He’s gone so social with his stigmas that it’s begun to create gas in my stomach. Burrrp! Speaking of Burrrp, Salman Khan has also become, well, bhai!
Honestly, to carry forward something like this, one needs to be completely obnoxious. And also, live in the 90s. Films, today, at least most of them, are incredibly obnoxious, but push the viewer to take them seriously. This was quite prevalent even then, but one would most certainly not imagine people coming out with ridiculous movies worth 100 crores back then. To them, Andaz Apna Apna was a sly, but incredibly hilarious slap of sorts. Perhaps the reason why it was only years after the film bombed at the box-office that people started to take notice.
Going back to the first time I saw the film, I realised a few gems that just stay with you. Presenting, the most amazing moments from Andaz Apna Apna.
1. When Amar and Prem meet for the first time.
“Yeh topi apne kaha se li, France se”
“Nahi, nahi Switzerland se, main waha jaata rehta hu. Mujhe waha ki shaam bohot pasand hai.”

2. When Teja, Raabert, and Bhalla are introduced.
“Sorry sir, galti se mistake ho gaya”

3. When Amar and Prem meet Raveena’s dad for the first time.
“Unkey ek ek sawaal, hamare do do jawaab. Sawaal ek, jawaab do. Sawaal jawaab, sawaal jawaab, sawaal jawaab, chup. Lambi khamoshi.”


4. When Crimemaster Gogo was unveiled to the world.
 “Crimemaster Gogo. Mogambo ka bhatija, aankhe nikal ke gotiya khelta hu.”

5. When Ram Gopal Bajaj, and Shyam Gopal Bajaj aka Teja face off.
 “Bread ka badshah or omelette ka raja – Bajaj! Hamara Bajaj,”

6. When Amar and Prem try and rescue Uncle and the girls from Crimemaster Gogo’s den.
“Gogoji aapka ghagra…”

7. When Amar and Prem go to give the ransom to rescue Ram Gopal Bajaj in the middle of the night.
“Aapka plan hi galat hai. Aapko beti ko kidnap karna chahiya tha, aur baap se paise maangne chahiye the. Lagta hai kaccha khiladi hai.”

8. When Amar’s memory returns and he remembers what a great footballer he was.
 “Main football ka bohot bada khiladi tha, Mohun Bagan ke liye khela tha.”

This was a film that got everyone of us to burst out with unadulterated laughter. Which scene was your favorite? We’d like to continue this flashback series with the movies we loved to watch back in the day. So if there’s any film you loved as a kid and want us to talk about, do drop us the hello :) 

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