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August 27, 2017

Fine Dine vs Street Food Battle

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We all need water, air, and shelter for existence and longevity. But, food holds a special place in our heart and mind.

We Indians, typical born foodies, love to try everything and anything that comes our way. But we tend to face a lot of perplexities when it comes to family outings. It’s more like a war happening inside as to what to choose, going to a restaurant to enjoy those highly priced dishes or those inexpensive mouth watering street snacks. What plays a huge role in finding an answer to this bewilderment is the occasion and our mood. If it is a birthday gathering or a wedding celebration, having food from the restaurant is generally preferred; but if it is an outing with college peeps, the street food is a win-win.

The highly priced restaurants, no matter how much they try, they can never prepare food as yummy as the ones prepared by these street hawkers. There is something magical in the hands of street hawker. Street food is unhealthy, yet so tempting.

What I like about street food is customization it offers. You could ask the guy to add more chilli or less chilli according to your taste buds. Every individual is served based on his/her preference. At a fine dine restaurant this will be a compromise.

The only benefit fine dine has over street food is comfort. Fine dine restaurants have proper seating and comfort of a/c. You do have to sweat and stand to enjoy that favorite paapri-chaat or matar-kulcha.

For me, this food battle is won by street food. How about you?

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