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April 7, 2016

Finding Dory Trailer: Review

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We all remember the forgetful and helpful blue fish from Finding Nemo, don’t we? And we all will agree that Finding Nemo became an instant hit because of her entertaining character. So get ready for the surprise as Finding Dory is all set to hit the big screen on June 17 with a new and exciting adventure.

It seems that Finding Dory has found a great way to repeat the structure of Finding Nemo without being dull and tiresome. And that is a big feat for Pixar. And the trailer has brought back old memories from Finding Nemo. It will be a treat to watch our old favorites in a new light, taking a new adventure and helping our little blue Dory to reach her family.

Dory always loved saying in Finding Nemo– “Just Keep Swimming”. It was her way to motivate her underwater friends and us, telling us to keep moving in life, no matter how hard the situations are. This time she will literally give meaning to her catch phrase where we will find her swimming a long way to Monterey in search of her family. And the journey doesn’t look easy in the trailer.

The story begins just six months after where Finding Nemo left off. Dory along with her old clownfish friends, Nemo and his father starts upon a journey where they all decide to find Dory’s family. We remember how Dory could speak the language of whales, don’t we? In the trailer we can see a new character, a whale shark named Destiny, who is apparently a childhood friend of Dory with whom Dory speaks in whale language. However in her journey, she is captured and is in grave danger. Will her friends be able to save her? Will she finally meet her family? To know the answers, hit the theatre and watch the journey unfold in front of your eyes.

Dory is given the voice over by Ellen DeGeneres. Written and directed by Andrew Stanton, this movie will keep us hooked for a long time, just the way Finding Nemo did. So, get ready this summer and watch your favorite characters come back to life in this amazing animated movie.

While we all wait for the movie to release, entertain yourself with Finding Dory’s promo.

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