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July 15, 2016

Find Your Signature Scent

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Some people are known to create lasting impressions in other people’s mind with their special quality. There will be a few such people whose scent will stay with you even if they are not with you. Their essence lies in the way they can captivate your senses with the unique taste in fragrance. And if ever again you come across a similar fragrance in an unfamiliar place, you will fondly remember the person you know who wears it. And it is true that you create a strong impression in front of people with the way you smell. So it is very important to select the perfect perfume for oneself that matches your personality.  Here are some steps to keep in mind while deciding upon you signature scent.

#1 Don’t commit to a scent before using it for a few days and knowing its notes properly. Notes refer to the degree of fragrance emitted by a perfume with the passage of time. What smells heavenly immediately after application might seem suffocating after some time.

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#2 Identify which kind of fragrance do you like the most. You would be spending quite a long time using it and you definitely do not want to get bored. There are quite a few types of scents like floral, fruity, citrus, oriental, spicy or chocolaty. Know your favorite type before buying one.

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#3 Keep a stock of two or more types of perfumes which you essentially like. Alternating between a few different fragrances will keep the monotony away and you will be able to choose perfume according to your mood.

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#4 While buying a perfume, spray it first over a piece of cloth or a card. Smell it once than after some time smell it again. If it still appeals to you than spray it on your skin.

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#5 Always consider your skin tone before buying a perfume. If you have dry skin, the scent will dissipate very quickly. So always choose a perfume which has high concentration of fragrance and has a higher staying power. Every skin type is catered by a different kind of perfume.


#6 Try going for perfume shopping later in the day. Our senses are keener during the later part of the day and this can help us decide more accurately.

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#7 Never try too many perfumes on a single day. After a point you won’t be able to distinguish any difference in the smells. Most shops keep coffee beans for you to smell in between testing various perfumes. Sniff that. It will help you to differentiate one scent from another.

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