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October 17, 2016

Find Positivity in Your Life with Boxing

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Fitness Routine

Instagram is like Sim’s World. Most people have build a facade of perfect life that they wish to live. I don’t believe they are lying but there are repercussions. We all are humans and we do feel/believe that everyone on our feed has a better life than us. This leads to negative thoughts and could lead to depression as well. A platform built to share happiness can cause some unhappiness and bring negativity.

But there are people who bring positivity to Instagram. They cherish life and are genuine. They don’t post pictures of their exotic vacations or uber expensive shoes. They post what they feel like. I recently got an opportunity to come across one such individual who agreed to interview with HookedUpon.

This particular individual left her home and school at the tender age of 14. She lost her father at 17 and was bullied at school for being overweight. Early in her life she learnt not to feel sorry for herself and keep pushing boundaries to achieve what you want. If you don’t work hard or try then someone else will get that opportunity. But don’t regret! Instead smile and move on and work towards next opportunity. She is a boxing enthusiast and teaches young kids boxing to boost self-confidence. Boxing makes her positive. That’s a surprise. Isn’t it? Because most of us associate aggravation with boxing. Meet MissPositivity2230 from Sydney, Australia who will change your outlook towards boxing, will inspire you and help see you positivity around you.

#1 What got you motivated you take up boxing?

I have boxed since I was 10 years old. I was picked on for being overweight and nicknamed steamroller as a kid. I was the largest girl in our school. I learnt to box to standup for myself. It helped me to find confidence when I felt very alone at school.

Motivation to Box

#2 How does boxing make you feel positive?

I love the rush, the feeling of when you are training is very much like the rush you get from chocolate or coffee. I say “when pain comes, I smile”.

Positive Vibes

#3 What is one boxing move that you feel everyone must know

I think every woman should know how to look for opportunities. If you need to fight then stand strong. And know where to go after you hit. A good solid jab is always needed in the ring but a good right hook is my favourite punch.

One Move

Image Credit: @louiedouvis

#4 What is your fitness routine?

I love skipping. 1 minute skip. 100 straight hits. 100 uppercuts. 100 ribs. 100 hooks. Then 100 push-ups. Then sprint 100 metres. Repeat 100 times. Build to it. It will kill you! But you can do it and I do it 3 times.

Fitness Routine

#5 Style and abs don’t go. How do you manage both? Or what is your style mantra?

I laugh out loud to the comment of abs. I have them… But it took me til 36 to show them publicly. The thing is to know what YOU are confident in. I am a tomboy. I know what looks good on my large shoulders and small waist so I basically know what I’m looking for and hence take a very short time to find what I will wear to events. I have staples. A good long gown, black dress pants, good quality dresses that are structured never go out of style. Every season we wear boots in winter so invest in comfy/stylish boots. I don’t spend huge money unless it’s an investment piece that I know is going to last the test of time.


#6 How has positivity changed you?

You always HAVE to get back up. There’s no choice. Everyone experiences hardship. I lost most of my family by 25. I was the ” dad” of my family by 17. I chose coffins and did eulogies for family members including my Dad by 17.  Positivity is not smiling and being fake. It’s hard. You need to look for a reason. My reason is that I REFUSE TO GIVE UP. I ALWAYS GET BACK UP. in life and boxing. So it’s a mindset. You can choose defeat and negativity. Or choose positivity. Trust me I still have people take kindness for weakness or flirtation for politeness. But still I continue.


#7 A vacation spot that you revisit every year?

I go to Disneyland and Vegas all the way from Sydney Australia every year. I need my positivity from being a kid at Disneyland. I skip. I eat cotton candy. I smile from ear to ear. At Vegas I see the Cirque shows. I amaze at the athleticism but also the use of stage design. It is so inspiring.


#8 One food item you can not live without?

Nutella. I eat 2kgs a week. It’s my cheat meal. I LOVE chocolate but if I can’t cheat I have Skinny Cow ice cream which is Low calorie and still a sweet treat.


Boxing Photo Credit: @louiedouvis

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