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April 4, 2018

The Two Sides Of Fennel Tea

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Fennel Tea Benefits and Side Effects

Fennel is the poor, greenish brownish seed that always lies around forgotten by us. But little do we know about the great many qualities they possess. Rich in vitamins A, B-complex, C, and D, amino acids, and numerous other nutrients, fennel, undoubtedly, is one ingredient we all must include in our diet. Unfortunately many of us only know fennel as a flavorful spice, which is included in many soups, curries, and dishes. But they countless other uses too mostly when consumed as fennel tea. Though it has it’s roots from the Mediterranean, it now grows all over the world and has been used for centuries as a medicinal plant. The most common among them is usage of dried seeds for making the fennel tea. The tea possesses a relaxing scent and slightly bitter aftertaste. Fennel tea can be purchased in almost any supermarket or health food store.

But for those of us still in the dark, let me first guide you as to how to make yourself a steaming cup of this healthy fennel tea.

Fennel Tea Recipe

Using Fennel Seeds

  • Start by gently crushing approximately 1 teaspoon of fennel seeds in a mortar and pestle. This will release the flavor, oils. Make sure to notice the aroma.
  • Scoop the seeds out with a teaspoon and place into a strainer and pour 1 cup of boiling water over them.
  • Allow the seeds to steep in the boiling water for 7–10 minutes.
  • Remove the tea ball/strainer and top up with a little more hot water.

Using Fresh Fennel Leaves

  • Snip or pull the fresh, fine green leaves off the bulb and rinse well.
  • Pour 1 cup of boiling water.
  • Add the leaves and allow to steep for 15–20 minutes.
  • Remove leaves and top up with a little more hot water

The Benefits Of Fennel Tea

#1 Helps Treat Heartburn

One common application of fennel is to treat heartburn. It is said that drinking a single cup of tea or chewing fennel seeds when you start feeling the symptoms of indigestion can ease the pain and burning. Fennel water can also be used. Several users have said that they were able to get off antacids by drinking fennel tea.

Fennel Tea Eases Heartburn

#2 Promotes Health In Women

Fennel is proved to have mild estrogen-like qualities, so they are used to treat hormonal problems. This was introduced by the Chinese long ago. It is sometimes used to treat amenorrhea or lack of period. Other benefits of fennel tea includes its ability to stimulate the production of estrogen, hence relieving PMS, menstrual cramps, and menopausal symptoms. IT contains anethole which helps protect the female reproductive organs.

Fennel Tea Promotes Women Health

#3 Blood Purifier

Casual alcohol consumption has become the trend now. But the least we could do is protect our body from the negative effects. Fennel herbal tea increases healthy urine flow and thus protects your liver from alcohol damage. It also treats diseases such as jaundice. Kidney stones have become common now too. Consumption of this healthy brew can hep prevent these.

Fennel Tea

#4 Helps burn that fat away

Obesity is the major crisis we face today. Fennel tea helps reduce water retention, making it one of the best weight loss teas for you. It also promotes metabolism, allowing you to burn fat faster, reduces cellulite, and regulates your appetite. Simply put, it helps you deal with all your demons.

Fennel Tea - Weight Loss

#5 Boosts Immune System

In order to be truly healthy one must have a string immune system. These then fight the harmful exterior bodies and keep us in good state. This amazing tea helps reduce fevers, relieve sore throats, and treat most upper respiratory tract illnesses, namely asthma, bronchitis, cough by clearing up congestion and excess phlegm.

Fennel Tea Boosts Immunity

#6 Recipe for Eyes Healthy

In the life of a working human pulling an all nighter is common. But the sad part is when you stay up all night for a presentation but end up looking like a blown up balloon at the hour of need. Here’s a very handy remedy to your sore eyes. Prepare a cup of fennel tea, soak a cotton ball in it, and place it over your eye lids for 10 minutes. It’s quite refreshing, and it will not only reduce puffiness but also treat eye infections like conjunctivitis.

Fennel Tea - Healthy Eyes

#7 Improves Gum Health

Bad breath and bleeding gums can shut us up. And we don’t want that do we? Gargling fennel tea or water can relieve inflamed gums and treat bad breath, thanks to fennel’s antibacterial property.

Fennel Tea - Healthy Teeth

Side Effects of Fennel Seed Tea

Studies have also shown that these glorified seeds do have some setbacks after all. But I guess, everything does. It’s all about finding the balance between the two. Certain individuals do need to keep a check on fennel consumption though. Let’s take a look at the fennel tea side effects.

#1 May Cause Allergy

If you happen to be allergic to carrots or celery, do keep in mind that fennel too comes from the same botanical family, so it is likely that fennel tea may cause an allergic reaction. Symptoms include itching, hives, or swelling of the skin. If this happens, stop taking this herbal tea and contact a doctor.

#2 May React with Drugs

As always if you are under any sort of medication, talk to your doctor first, as fennel tea may interact with the medication you are taking and enhance the effects more than you desire. If you are prone to blood clots, then consult your doctor before taking this herbal tea.

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#3 Cancer Patients Stay Away

While Fennel mimics estrogen like qualities that can help cure hormonal problems but can also have negative impact on individuals who are sensitive to estrogen.

Fennel Tea and Cancer

#4 May Harm Fetus

It is best for pregnant women to avoid drinking fennel tea in too much quantity, as it may become toxic and travel through the placenta and harm the development of the endocrine system of the fetus. Fennel tea could also impact breast milk production.

Fennel Tea and Pregnancy

#5 Causes Photodermatitis

It sounds pretty rare but that’s not the case. Ever had unpleasant rashes appear on your skin after being exposed to sunlight? In short, photodermatitis is sensitivity to sun ray. Other symptoms of photodermatitis include pain and redness, and in some extreme cases even chills, fever and headaches.

In general, consumption of fennel tea is safe but please consult your doctor before taking it.

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