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September 27, 2016

9 Famous Autistic People

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Lewis Carroll autistic people

Autism being a neuro-development disorder comes with a number of problems like social interactions, eye contact, etc. Since people with autism face a problem in communicating with others most of us consider them to be worthless and a burden. It’s time we shed away this mentality of ours because there are a number of people who have gained popularity and recognition in spite of being autistic. Let’s meet 9 famous autistic people:

#1 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart is counted one among the most talented musician and composer the world has ever seen. But he is among the famous autistic people too. He started composing music at the age of 5. He is said to have had repeated facial expressions and was very sensitive even in the case of hearing. But apart from these problems, his work is considered to be the finest classical music ever produced and many of them are even popular till date.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart autistic people


#2 Michelangelo

Michelangelo is one of the greatest artists to have ever lived. His works are some of the most popular ones among all times. Seeing his talent he was asked to paint the Sistine Chapel Ceiling by the Pope. This took him almost 4 years to complete the entire project. His most famous piece is the statue of David, the epitome of Renaissance sculpture. He is among those successful people with autism.

Michelangelo autistic people


#3 Sir Isaac Newton

Newton was a very quiet and serious man, and among the autistic people. He used to be so much focused on his work that at times he even forgot to have his food, which is a clear trait of autism. He was not really a person who used to make friends all around. Even the people whom he claimed to be his friends hardly spoke to them too. He was so serious with his schedule that he completed that particular task in the stipulated time.

Sir Isaac Newton autistic people


#4 Charles Darwin

The father of evolutionary biology Charles Darwin is believed to have had autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. It is proved that his single-minded focus, creative thinking, and persistence are a clear indication of ASD. Another famous person with autism.

Charles Darwin autistic people


#5 Pablo Picasso

A 20th Century craftsman who’s credited with driving and rousing the cubist development of specialists, Picasso was a wonderful man and one of the famous autistic people or personlities. He survived two world wars however never battled; spending the second in Nazi possessed France where he kept on painting and shape all through the contention. Picasso is still adored as a standout amongst the most progressive and achieved craftsmen ever known.

Pablo Picasso autistic people


#6 Thomas Jefferson

The book ‘Diagnosing Jefferson’ by Norm Legin states that the problems faced by Thomas Jefferson, like social and communication impairments, are indicative of Asperger’s Syndrome. The preface of the book was written by Temple Grandin, supporting the theory.

Thomas Jefferson autistic people


#7 James Durbin

American Idol”, James Durbin, was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. In a seminar about autism, he says that this ASD is not a block to success nor it should be considered as a disability. He even goes on to say that the people with ASD can make their own way to success.

James Durbin autistic people


#8 Daryl Hannah

Actress Daryl Hannah was diagnosed with autism as a child. She is said to have faced a lot of difficulties but is successful in overcoming her challenges. As an adult, she found fame and chose to devote her time to environmental activism.

Daryl Hannah autistic people


#9 Lewis Carroll

Though there was a strong argument among the historians if Lewis Carroll at all had autism or not, Professor Michael Fitzgerald from Dublin’s Trinity College studied the behavioral symptoms of his patients and even of the most famous people among whom Lewis Carroll was found in the list. His character traits matched with those people having Asperger’s Syndrome.

Lewis Carroll autistic people


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