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August 11, 2016

Exploring the Spectrum of Meanings : Colours

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Ever since my existence, I had always thought and had been under the impression that colors are just colors. Never ever, not even in my darkest of the dreams had I known that each and every color has a deep-seated meaning attached to it.

Strange, isn’t it?

A single color can have contra-distinctive meanings according to different cultures!Seems interesting though.

Depending upon where in the world we live, different colors hold totally contrasting meanings behind them. They can sway the thinking, cause certain reactions and also change our actions.

Following is a list of a few symbolic colors holding on to some interpretations throughout the world.

Note: These interpretations are traditional; not necessarily be in use to a certain extent,going by the current scenario.

Tidbits points to ponder!

#1 RED Rage

The color of extremes. It’s the color of energy, passion, love and anger. Going by the western fashion, it is a color of sexual passion. Prosperity, for the people residing in the eastern zones. Our ancestors looked upon red as the color full of magic, fire and blood.

The Chinese used red in various ceremonies, from funerals to grand celebrations. However,most Japanese saw it as a danger sign. So, it would be perfect to wear or carry red for an outing on a Sunday in Thailand, but in South Africa the same would symbolize mourning.

History reveals, it is the first color after white and black. A bit of red color, goes a long way.

#2 To Think PINK

Can be described as a tint, combination of red and white. The color psychology of pink is unconditional love and nurturing. Popular culture claims it to be ‘girly’ color, but is that really true?

The western and eastern zones saw it as a feminine color, but in Belgium, boys prefer wearing pink. A color for Tuesday in Thailand. Koreans feel it is more or less a color of trust.

This color is loaded with deep historical meanings.

Pink perspectives

#3 Curious YELLOW

The color symbolizing the window of the mind and deep intellect. It is the most incandescent color of the spectrum. It suggests impatience, criticism and cowardice, still catches everyone’s attention. Also regarded as the color of sunshine, joy and happiness and of enlightenment in the Western zones. A sacred color for the people living in the East.

The Chinese associate yellow with adult movies; more of a masculine color. Bright yellow may be associated with death in Egypt. In France, it is a color of jealousy. Mondays be like shining bright with a yellow spark in Thailand.

The most visible color out of all. Now, yellow, would never be the dirty fellow!


#4 Flamboyant GREEN

The colour of nature, it stands purely for balance and growth. It’s not just a mere color but a symbol of verb. In Middle-eastern countries, it is a holy color and in Ireland, it is considered as lucky to wear green. Chinese consider it for exorcism.Giving a Chinese man a green colored hat would mean his wife is cheating on him.

Brings bad news for people of Israel. If worn on a Wednesday, it is sure to put forth some excitement for the people living in Thailand. The Australians feel it brings bad luck but it is the opposite in the western zones, it brings good luck.

So, consider this, if married in green, I am sure, you shall be ashamed to be even seen.


#5 Safety ORANGE

The only color that blends in with every skin tone in India, is orange. The color of social communication and optimism. In negative terms, it shows a sign of pessimism and superficiality.

All over the world, the young ones are drawn to this color. It is a religious color for protestants in Ireland. Sacred color for Hindus bringing in some happiness. If mixed with black, it is the Halloween time for people living in the western zones. People living in Thailand are seen wearing orange mostly on Thursdays. The color of royal family in Netherlands.

Safety orange is used to keep objects apart. Nothing else rhymes with it!

#6 Versatile BLUE

A commonly favorite color.

It has it’s connections with the ability to taste and smell, might act as an appetite suppressant. Typically, the safest color to use. Blue is for a baby girl in Belgium. The color of mourning for Koreans. This color shall never loose it’s charm if worn on a Friday in Thailand. The color blue is often associated with porn films in China.

Combining the color blue with any other color, will produce a creative effect without a doubt.

#7 PURPLE, the Happy Color

Purple defines imagination. It can be both the color of individualism & creativity and also of immaturity and impracticality. In the eastern zone, it is an honour to be decked with purple color, more of a royal symbol. The Japanese feel it is a color of privilege.

On one hand wearing a purple outfit on a Saturday in Thailand would help you catch all the attention you want, but on the other hand, it is a color of sadness, when someone dies here. Going by the Western culture, it is a symbol for the gay community. Interesting , isn’t it?

The hardest of all colors for your eyes to discriminate, is purple.

#8 Peaceful WHITE

White color is for perfection. Also, a symbol of purity, innocence and completion.

A bridal color in the West and the color of mourning in the East. Chinese regard white as a color of misfortune. In Thailand, white symbolizes Buddhism. For Koreans, it is a symbol of both birth and death.

#9 BLACK Symphonies

Black creates an air of mystery. It tends to keep the things hidden from the entire world, bottled up inside, being more secretive.

It is a color of prosperity for the people living in the east. Western cultures term it to be a color of rebellion. Black is regarded as a color of young boys in China. For the Australians, it is a ceremonial color. People of Thailand, consider it as a bad luck.

Girls love black as it defines mystery and gives more appeal. But the Africans more often use it as a symbol of age and wisdom.

Black, the color of the unknown.

Going by the above pointers, it’s a sure thing now that color matters!

Although, it is a very subjective thing, the psychology attached to it will always be a fascinating topic to talk about.

Featured Image Source: http://www.artyou.com

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