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July 18, 2016

Exploring The Mystical: #NirvanicNagaland

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A hilly and mystical region of northeastern India is Nagaland. The place is a wonderful destination for tours and travels and it welcomes you with its royal hills and awe-inspiring valleys. It combines perfectly the serene ambiance which helps you to relax. The beautiful landscapes plus gorgeous sunrise and sunsets lift up your spirits to a special plane. The 16 foremost tribes of untamed Nagaland shares a border with Myanmar which is a feast to the visitors’ tired eyes. This place is comparatively fresh to tourism and its people are inquisitive, affectionate, and casual. The top seven destinations of Nagaland are:

#1 Kohima
One of the most attractive places of Nagaland is Kohima, the capital of the state. The place stands at a height of 1500 m above the sea level and provides picturesque views. Quite a lot of scope for trekking and camping can be found here.

#2 Dimapur
Dimapur is the most important entry point to enter Nagaland. This place is an attraction to both nature lovers as well as history lovers for its scenic landscape and the 10th century Kachari ruins.

#3 Mokokchung
The cultural as well as the intellectual capital of Nagaland is Mokokchung and here you will be hypnotized by the striking hills plus the melodic sounds of the running streams. Aos are the tribes living here and the majority of them have converted to Christianity but still retaining the spirit of their tribal traits.

#4 Wokha
Home to the Lotha tribe is Wokha and the place also will give you an insight of rural life. The place has plenty of fruits like oranges, plums and pineapples which are grown using organic methods. If you are a nature lover then you can stroll through the paths leading to the nearby forests.

#5 Mon
Mon the most mystic places of Nagaland brag of affluent tribal inheritance and is located at an altitude of 897.64 m above sea level. The geographical location of the place also adds to its spiritualism. The Assam plains can be seen from here and the place is a paradise for nature lovers.

#6 Phek
Phek is well known for its scenic landscapes and is a place that is rich in fauna and flora. Almost seventy percent of the village is occupied by evergreen forests. Hence you can expect quite a lot of natural and stunning scenes. Adding to this the magnificent mountains plus quaint lakes will really take your breath away.

#7 Kiphire
Kiphire is a small town and is situated looking across the Mountain Sabarmati which is incidentally the highest Peak in Nagaland. It has some of the most excellent overwhelming sceneries. Adventure seekers will love the place for its trekking, canoeing and rafting activities.

HookedUpon’s Verdict: 
After you read this we have no doubt that those of you who have not visited the place would long to do so and the ones who have already visited would love to return to the alluring place called Nagaland.

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