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November 12, 2016

Everything You Must Know About Acid Attack First Aid

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Acid attack cases are not uncommon in India. It is a horrible experience to go through and one can never imagine the pain of the victim. But the least we can do is comfort them with first aid for the acid burns. Whenever anyone confronts with an acid attack, then they should instantly rinse the area affected by acid. Water ought to be streamed for at least 30 minutes or so in order to wash off all the acid and reduce the contact of acid with skin. In case, at any time you see anyone attacked by acid, follow the below-mentioned tips instead of being a plain bystander.

First Aid For Acid Attack

An essential First Aid for acid attack is to instantaneously wash acid affected body part of the person with lots of fresh or salty water.

  • Keep flushing with water the burnt area till the burning sensation of the person begins to fade away.
  • If the affected person is a woman then immediately remove all the jewels or clothes which had contact with acid.
  • Do not apply any type of cream or balm on the affected area since it might slow the cure procedure provided by doctors.
  • If feasible, use clean netting to droopily cover the affected area. The gauze shields the skin from air, trash, grime and pollution.
  • Immediately take the patient to a burn specialty hospital.acid attack survivor


Post First-Aid Tips

#1 Hygiene

The most general reason of death for the acid burn is contamination. The burnt skin is very susceptible and hence can very easily get infected if proper care is not taken.

#2 Proper Dressing

A careful dressing has to be done for the body parts which are movable. The burnt skin should not come into contact with each other. If it does then they will stick and lead to impairment.

#3 Physiotherapy

Nerves under the skin damage permanently because of the burn caused from the acid and this leads to failure move body parts. Therefore habitual sessions of physiotherapy are significant.

#4 Skin Grafting

Skin grafting is a surgery that helps in covering the open flesh with skin. The skin is taken from the thigh or lower back which is not burnt.

#5 Food rich in protein

For the tissues that are damaged to heal the person should consume lots of protein and carbohydrates. Click here to find out food rich in proteins.

#6 Hemoglobin level

As blood loss will be very heavy due to the burns the hemoglobin level will shoot down thereby preventing doctors from performing surgical operations. Therefore, it is advised that such patients should be given diet to build the level of hemoglobin.

#7 Remedial surgery

A range of corrective surgery is required once the acid burn wound heals. This is required to set right the contracted skin, to reconstruct the body parts that is burnt for instance the nostrils, ear holes, eyebrows etc. Acid Attack is probably one of the worst things that can happen to a person. Keep these tips regarding first aid treatment for acid attack and burns in mind, just in case!

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