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May 29, 2016

7 Daily Activities That Help You In Weight Loss

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Ways to lose weight Belly Fat

Everyone of us has atleast once wished upon a shooting star to magically have a remarkable weight loss.!We have tried it all haven’t we? From dieting to exercise to gyming. But it all eventually narrows down to our procrastination and soon we begin counting the number of calories we burn and start panicking because they turn out way more than we expected and we know soon it is going to catch up with us somewhere on our body. But you need not worry any more because I am going to tell you 7 daily activities which you probably did not know helped you lose weight –

#1 Laughing

Yeah, you heard right! Laughing helps in weight loss magically ,10 minutes of laughing can help you burn off those 30-40 calories you ate in that packet of chips. So Laugh out Loud !

Weight Loss- Laughing

Pic Credit-www.livescience.com

#2 Texting

I bet you didn’t know that annoying habit of texting helps you in weight loss , did you? Now you have more of a reason to text away, as not just are you texting but you’re burning around 70-80 calories per hour while doing so.

Weight Loss- Texting

Pic Credit-www.coffeemeetsbagel.com

#3 Hugging

Aw! Go ahead and spread the love, while texting an hour helps you lose weight so does hugging for an hour, thought that might sound a little far-fetched to you. But well we can do a lot to lose it away.

Weight Loss- Hugging

Pic Credit-www.explorationsoftruth.com

#4 Talking

For all you chatter boxes out there, for every one hour you speak, you’re losing as much weight as those kick boxing for 5 minutes. So now you have more of a reason to talk away!

Weight Loss- Talking

Pic Credit-www.explorationsoftruth.com

 #5 Massage

Next time your friend asks you for a massage do not deny him or her, as it’s not just helping them but also helping you lose 100 calories in just half an hour.

Weight Loss- Massages

Pic Credit-www.blissworld.com

#6 Television

Even watching an hour of television helps you lose as much weight as those doing 7 minutes of forward lunges.

Weight Loss- Watching TV

Pic Credit-http://www.tsiri.com/tag/yalos-diamond-tv-price/

#7 singing

Finally, for all those bathroom singers- You’re burning weight equivalent to those belly dancing for 3 minutes, every 5 minutes you sing away in the shower!

Weight Loss- Bathroom Singing.

Pic Credit-www.dlugb.com

So now you know what all to do more just for losing weight huh?

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