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November 13, 2016

Ever Wondered Why Time is Set to 10:10 in Commercials?

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Watch any watch advertisement and you will notice a common trait. The setting of the time will always be 10:10 or 10:08. If you have noticed, then have you wondered why is it the case?

There are plenty of theories behind it. One of the common ones you’ll read is that Abraham Lincoln’s recorded death time is 10:10 and that is why watches are set to 10:10. This is obviously not the case and in recent years, watch manufacturers have opened up about why are watches set to 10:10.

Human Perception

The setting, 10:10, gives an appearance of a “smiley” which hits an arpeggio with the people. Previously, the time used to be set to 8:20 but it was perceived as a frowning/sad look. 10:10 also forms the victory sign, ‘V’, which again makes people feel positive.

watch time


Traits like Brand logo, style and extra elements such as time and date are clearly visible.

The angle formed by the hour hand and the minutes hand also gives an underscoring upshot to the brand name. This also clarifies why the seconds’ hand is generally set to ’35’ so that the artistic exquisiteness, rising out of the angles made, remains integral.


Unconsciously, we do get attracted to symmetry and asymmetry puts us off. The time, 10:10, also guarantees perpendicular symmetry.



While the perpendicular symmetry can be achieved by setting the clock to 8:20 or 9:45; these settings have shortcomings of their own. 8:20 gives an illusion of sadness and 9:45 could potentially obstruct extra elements such as time and date. 10:10 is a setting that makes people and watch manufacturers happy.

Featured Image: http://swisswatchwire.com

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